Sonible – FX Bundle 2022 VST, VST3, AAX x64

A set of high quality effect plugins from Sonible.

Sonible EntropyEQ
A new EQ dimension simplifies post-processing of the harmonic and noise components of audio recordings – freely customizable in seconds.
Entropy:EQ+ simplifies the process of editing the percussive noise of drums, guitars and other plucked instruments and opens up a whole new world of post-production creativity for you.
* Frequency selective transitions/tonal balance
* Control of sound anatomy with surgical precision
* Improved speech intelligibility
Attack Control
Striking percussion at the touch of a button
By detecting the various sonic components of an audio track, entropy:EQ+ lets you isolate individual drums in a kit or percussion group. This way you can, for example, improve the rim click or solo on the toms. A sophisticated algorithm recognizes even the slightest attack sound. The smart plug-in gives you the tools to manage selected frequency bands in isolation from each other.
Clear speech in any language
Entropy:EQ+ makes sure every word stands out in your mix from the original TV report track to the whispered ending to your new song. This is achieved by amplifying noisy consonants for optimal speech intelligibility. The plugin helps you simply and easily by highlighting the non-harmonic components of speech.
Transitional design
Strumming or muting strings
Sometimes a recording thrives on the groove produced by stringed instruments, whether it’s the sound of an electric guitar plectrum or the rhythmic plucking of a violin string. In other cases, the same percussive noise destroys the harmonic sound of the recording. In both cases, entropy:EQ+ provides a convenient solution, allowing you to dampen or boost the rhythmic attack.
Sonible Freiraum At the
heart of frei:raum is a fully interactive EQ with the highest quality mastering. Each band can be used either in a classic mode for manual EQ, or in a unique “smart” mode offering automatic detection and removal of problematic resonances in different frequency ranges…
One Step Closer, Please – Proximity Equalizer
Do you have the right spectral balance, but do some frequency ranges still sound washed out and lack presence? This is where the frei:raum proximity EQ comes into play.
With a few clicks, you can easily adjust the ratio of direct sound to reverb in any frequency range. Use the prxomity EQ to suppress reverb and flexible dereverb, or to enhance the natural “diffuse sound” of your recording.
Unlimited(a)tonality – entropy equalizer
Turn on the pickup sounds and play with the edge of your snare drum! Perfect, nice clean sound, but still not “tight” enough? Get your hands on the awesome new entropy equalizer! By separating tonal components (such as sustained notes) from inharmonious parts (such as drum attacks), the entropy equalizer can be used to freely adjust the tonal characteristics of your sound at any given frequency.
carefully crafted interaction
intuitive controls
For all those who just want to rely on their ears, frei:raum offers blind:flug (=blind:fly) mode. The visualization of the EQ graph will be replaced with simple rotary knobs, and you can just listen…without distractions.
Everything’s under control
frei:raum offers small indicators for each band and multiple solo and bypass options, allowing you to hear and control every aspect of your audio material.
Sonible ProximityEQ An
eq plugin that repositions audio sources in post-processing. Whether it’s music or speech, Proximity:EQ+ lets you edit sound spaces like never before.
* Modify natural reverb
* Frequency selective dereverb
* Isolate and remove room modes
More freedom in post-production
Closer to the source
Quite often during an interview, the recording microphone was placed too far from the source; or the piano comes out dirty because too much reverb has been recorded. In these situations, the close:EQ+ function can bring the voice much closer and make a dirty piano sound clearer in post-processing.
Sound Depth
Add Space to the Mix
Of course, it’s also possible that the mics are too close to the sound source. Then your mix lacks volume. Proximity: EQ+ smoothly moves the sound source away without affecting its original character. This makes your entire mix more transparent and opens up new ways to create sonic depth.
Room Resonances
Optimal room acoustics at the push of a button
Even if you carefully plan your setup and perfectly position the microphones, the acoustics of a given room will remain as they are. Advanced close:EQ+ technology opens up completely new possibilities for correcting adverse room conditions in post-processing, while leaving the direct sound completely untouched.
Sonible Smartcomp
smart:comp by sonible is a unique spectrodynamic compressor that finds parameters for well-balanced compression results in just a few seconds. Thanks to its frequency-selective processing, smart:comp also offers unrivaled transparency. Thanks to this multidimensional approach, compression has moved to a new level.
Key Features:
Automatic compression parameterization in seconds.
Spectral compression for tonal and dynamic balance.
Attack and release shaper for greater creative flexibility.
Ducking versus frequency in side chain mode.
Intelligent auto gain for consistent volume perception.
Factory profiles for content-aware processing.
Efficient and CPU-friendly graphics processing.
The plugin is a synergy of intelligently enhanced time domain compression and innovative spectral compression. The Time Domain Compressor recommends the most appropriate settings for Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release with one click as spectral compression dynamically tracks the tonal balance of the input signal.
Sonible SmartEQ.Live Sonible’s
new adaptive equalizer continuously analyzes audio signals and optimizes them in real time. smart:EQ live has your back so you can focus on the things that really matter when mixing live.
Real-time mixing support for enhanced audio performance
Your experience
smart:EQ live analyzes the audio signal, interprets it musically and creates spectral balance in real time. This will help you focus on what’s important and creatively focus on the main event. Now you can improve the listening experience for artists and audiences, instead of constantly troubleshooting.
Most of the time, living engineers are busy balancing the unexpected with the necessary. Constant problem solving is your daily routine. Lack of time for a full sound check, quick change of speakers, sudden changes in frequency and volume will not let you rest. Often two hands are not enough – and this is where smart:EQ live comes into play.
Customize the AI ​​for your personal mixing style
Just what you need,
only when you want it
smart:EQ live is an adaptive equalizer with its own rules. The content-sensitive algorithm is a reliable mixing assistant for all types of live performances. With its custom profiles, you specify how the plugin reacts to different audio sources. He will always follow your example.
Sonible SmartEQ3
smart:EQ 3 enhances the detail, clarity and transparency of individual tracks and arrangements in up to six channels. Set the spectral balance in your sound in a few seconds.
World’s first intelligent multitrack EQ
High-resolution precision at the push of a button
Balance your creation tonal balance
Achieve spectral balance with smart:EQ 3 in seconds—whether you’re working on a single track or a mix. The AI-powered EQ removes annoying resonances and unwanted cutouts, leaving you with a well-balanced sound and therefore the ideal basis for further creative steps.
Drag-and-drop Spectral Blending
Make your mix incredibly smooth
Intelligent multi-channel processing helps you create transparent arrangements of up to six channels, with each track playing exactly the part you want.
By analyzing the spectral information of all the channels you have added to your group, the algorithms ensure that each track gets its assigned place in your mix. You just need to define the sound hierarchy according to your vision. It is so simple.
Newly designed profiles, shared smart:filter,…
Combine your brain power with smart:EQ 3
Adapt AI influence. enhanced smart:EQ 3 processing to your liking: in the EQ view you can select the frequency bands to be affected, change the shape of the green weighting curve of the calculated smart:filter and define the duration of the learning process. In the group view, you can control the level of influence of intelligent multi-channel processing on your tracks. You can have it all: enjoy the incredible power of intelligent algorithms and stay in control.
Filter widgets, drag-and-drop spectral mixing, multi-channel analyzer
Stay in the flow with smart:EQ 3
We’ve designed smart:EQ 3’s intuitive, stylish interface and user-centric features to make every move count: Efficiently tweak your audio using filter widgets, create an audio hierarchy by dragging tracks in the group view, and choose which tracks of your mix you want to monitor at the same time using the complex analyzer. And much more – explore everything smart:EQ 3 has to offer.
Sonible Smartlimit
Content-Aware Limiter – Keep Volume and Dynamics in Shape
smart:limit provides limiter settings that let your mix breathe and gives you all the volume and dynamics information you need to publish with confidence.
Combining what belongs to each other
Simple “install – check – publish”
smart:limit is a carefree limit: its intelligent processing will preserve the details of your track and ensure a transparent, uncompromising limit quality. Thanks to smart:limit’s advanced volume and speaker monitoring, you don’t have to use any additional measurement plug-ins. In addition to giving you all the real-time loudness information you need to publish with confidence, smart:limit helps you meet streaming platforms’ safe zone or loudness standards, and gives you feedback with interactive quality check prompts.
Transparent sound in just one click
AI-based parameterization for confident limiting
Speed ​​up your workflow with smart:limit. The plugin analyzes your signal and finds the limiting parameters that allow your mix to “breathe” – all in just a few seconds. Once you’ve chosen a genre profile that suits your mix, you can use smart:limit for various limiting characteristics. Or download a reference track instead if you’re aiming for a particular limiting style. You can use smart:limit with or without automatic parameterization, or a combination of both.
Everything under control in real time
All the necessary information
Expand the Loudness Monitoring section to access a comprehensive Loudness and Dynamics information center: here you’ll find all relevant volume readings, visual indications of various publishing targets, and information about your track’s dynamics. With the revolutionary Instant Impact Prediction feature, you don’t have to restart volume measurements every time you change a parameter – the change will be reflected in real time without having to play the entire input signal repeatedly.
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Vibration in the details
Perfect your sound
When your sound needs some extra vibration, smart:limit has got you covered. Use the Style dial to freely choose between a soft or hard clipping style. Play with saturation to add some warmth or really bloat your signal. Adjust the Balance to give your track the perfect spectral polish before publishing, and adjust the Bass Control for rich and compact bass.
Sonible Smartreverb
smart:reverb provides a personalized reverb by adjusting its processing to suit the individual characteristics of the input material and creating a range of styles from scratch to navigate through.
Reverb that matches the uniqueness of each creation
No disturbing resonances or dirty tails
Reverb that really fits – powered by artificial intelligence.
With just one click, smart:reverb quickly analyzes the source material to create each reverb from scratch. By tuning the reverb to the spectral and temporal characteristics of the input signal, typical problems such as interfering resonances or dirty reverb tails can be avoided from the outset.
Rich, artificial, intimate, natural – and every style in between.
Explore characteristics, not presets
smart:reverb creates a reverb based on the original signal rather than working with presets or pre-recorded impulse responses. To find the reverb style you’re looking for, look at its reverb matrix, where all possibilities match your input signal. Guided by descriptive properties, you will find what you are looking for intuitively and efficiently.
The best of both worlds
Stay in control
For ultimate control, smart:reverb gives you an interactive view of the anatomy of reverb. Its detailed interface allows you to easily control the deep structure of the reverb, changing its frequency and time-dependent decay rate, as well as spreading or changing the density of the reverb over time.
Plugin set:
Sonible.Smartlimit.v1. 1.0

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