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Sonible – smart: limit v1.0.1 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Content- Aware Limiter – keep volume and dynamics in tune smart: limit provides limiter settings that let your mix breathe and gives you all the information the loudness and dynamics needed to publish confidently.
Combining what belongs to each other
Simple “set-check-publish”
smart: limit is a hassle-free limitation: its intelligent processing will preserve the details of your track and deliver transparent, uncompromising ultimate quality. Thanks to smart: limit’s advanced volume and dynamics monitoring, you don’t have to use any additional measurement plugins. In addition to providing you with all the real-time loudness information you need to post confidently, smart: limit guides you towards meeting safe area streaming platforms or loudness standards – and gives you feedback with interactive quality assurance guides.
– No iLok driver installation required.
– Runs faster and is more RAM friendly than the original.

More details
One-click transparent audio
AI-powered parameterization for confident limiting
Speed ​​up your workflow with smart: limit. The plugin analyzes your signal and finds the limiting parameters that allow your mix to breathe – all in just a few seconds. By choosing a genre profile that matches your mix, you can tweak smart: limit for various limiting characteristics. Or load a reference track instead if you’re aiming for a specific style of limitation. You can use smart: limit with or without automatic parameterization – or use a combination of the two.
Everything under control in real time
All the information you need
Expand the Loudness Monitoring section to access an extensive information center on loudness and dynamics: here you will find all the relevant loudness metrics, visual instructions for various publishing purposes, and information on the dynamics of your track. With the revolutionary instant impact prediction, you don’t have to restart loudness measurements every time you change a parameter — the change will be reflected in real time without having to replay the entire input signal.
Vibe in detail
Shape your sound to perfection
When your sound needs a little extra vibration, smart: limit will help you. Use the style dial to freely choose between a soft or hard limiting style. Play with saturation to add some warmth or really boost the signal. Adjust the balance to give your track the perfect spectral polish before publishing, and tune the Bass knob for rich and compact bass.

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