Sonic Academy – ANA 2 v2.0.991 VST, VST3, AUi (macOS)

Finally, our long-awaited launch has come true ! We’ve spent many thousands of hours rebuilding and redesigning every corner of ANA to create a beautiful, elegant and powerful synth. It is very easy to use, but with an extensive set of tools to create complex and immersive sounds.
With 3 years in the making, our synthesizer is finally ready and we can’t wait until you give it a try!
So Fresh, So Neat: We’ve completely redesigned the HD Retina interface with classic white and new black skins to choose from. With all the new features we packed ANA 2, it was hard to get it all on screen, but we managed to get it done, giving you full control and flexibility of what ANA 2 has to offer.
Transform your sound with 3D waveforms: With our 3D oscillator, complex sounds are just a twist of a knob! Combine up to 3 oscillators with other sound shaping functions to see how beautiful complex sounds can be in ANA 2. Click on the waveform to open the Waveform Browser panel and fill all three oscillators with them with just a few clicks, then assign G- ENV morph knob to create evolving pads, muddy wobble bass or epic atmospheres.
Import your own wavetables: Here’s a little secret: you can import your own shapes into ANA 2, it even reads wavetables created in Serum!
Graphic envelopes: Want to make the perfect sound? Well, how about doing it on the big screen? ANA 2 has three tabs for graphic envelopes or “G-ENV”. Each of them has almost unlimited nodes for creating your own shapes quickly and easily. The new G-Env includes mesh customization, snapping, step mode, and new curves, giving you complete control over the modulation of shapes with ease.
Import your own samples: You can now import your own samples into one of 3 oscillators to make your presets stand out. Just drag and drop files from your DAW or file system and then change your samples to something completely new and unique with looping, crossfading, pitching and reverse.
24 Onboard FX Units: The ANA 2 comes with 24 world-class onboard effects that can be used in 5 insert slots or 2 send and return slots. Each effect has full control over input, output, and processing / unprocessed. signal and each effect parameter is available as a modulation destination or macro control for insane effects created by the turn of a single knob. You are only limited by your imagination.