Spіtfіre Audіo – Symphonіc Strіngs (KONTAKT)


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If there was one product that might total up the muse of Spitfire’s approach to sampling it might be this. Recorded at the studio that has vie host to scores from blockbusters that have grossed billions of greenbacks, with a similar players taking part in a similar instruments. Deep sampled with our usual affluent approach. If you wish the blockbuster sound you’ve got to travel daring, if you wish medium you’ve got to travel huge. the last word comprehensive compendium of Symphonic strings sampling, recorded in London, with no expense spared. independent agency is that the ‘Daddy’.
60 Star Players, sixteen first Violins, fourteen ordinal Violins, 12 Violas, ten Cellos & eight Basses super deep
sampled with over one hundred seventy five articulations, together with fifty nine shorts, 94 longs, and five extraordinary performance

legato patches programmed by Saint Andrew the Apostle Blaney. Recorded with multiple spherical robins, dynamic layers
and bestowed with three essential and versatile mike positions. additionally to every individual
section we tend to even have a comprehensive choice of articulations associate degreed techniques bestowed in an ‘ensemble’ format designed for sketching and composing with ‘out of the box’ satisfaction.

This is our shot at making the definitive compendium of Symphonic strings, recorded with a
no-holds-barred approach. From classic and stylish sound, and expression controlled ‘dolce’
samples, to our own current techniques designed by our award winning team of composers
and producers. Highlights of those embody our massively widespread ‘flautando’ and ‘super sul tasto’

Go as elaborate as you would like with every section singly, or dive in with our specially curated
‘ensembles’ tools designed for fast writing and broad brush strokes.
Buying or cross-grading into this core set of samples permits you the chance to buy
expansion packs with additional microphones and mixes, and alternative exciting add-ons, just like the exclusive
and much asked for “Evolutions” pack.

Every articulation for each section and ensembles erstwhile accessible in Mural volumes one, 2, three & Ensembles in an exceedingly single comprehensive compendium:

• one hundred seventy five articulations, together with fifty nine shorts, 94 longs, & forty five legatos
• sixty prime London string players
• Recorded in place (ie: within the positions they occupy in an exceedingly grading session)
• Recorded victimisation valuable valve and ribbon mics
• Neve island Pre- amps into a Neve 88R table
• Recorded digitally at 96k via a pair of “Studer tape
• Deep sampled with multiple dynamic layers and spherical robins
• various and elaborate with essential, further and a few whole distinctive articulations
• Legatos designed by Saint Andrew the Apostle Blaney
• Individual sections and ensembles
• three essential, various and most favored mic positions: C (lose), T (ree), A (mbient)
• Kontakt Player enclosed
• NKS-ready
• New intuitive interface with inline facilitate system
• As employed by listing composers and producers round the globe!

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