Spectrasonics – Keyscape 1.3 Factory Library [STEAM]

STEAM folder with Keyscape FACTORY LIBRARY
Keyscape Soundsources v1.0.4d
Keyscape Patches v1.3.4c

Instructions for those who do not have Omnisphere or Trilian installed in the system:
1. It is recommended to place the Spectrasonics folder from the distribution in the root of the disk (for example, D:, E:, etc.).
The Russian language and also other languages, unlike English, are unacceptable to use!
You don’t need to do this: D:\Synthesizers\Spectrasonics, E:\Music Software\Spectrasonics, etc.

2. Download and install Keyscape .
3. Run Keyscape as administrator and point it to the STEAM folder. In all the notifications that appear next, click OK. After the last notification, restart Keyscape
******************************************************* ******************************************************* ******************************
Instructions for those who have Omnisphere or Trilian INSTALLED in the system:
1. Place the Keyscape folder from the distribution in the STEAM folder next to Omnisphere or Trilian or combined
2. Download and install Keyscape .

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