Spectrasonics – Omnisphere, Keyscape, Trilian [ONLY STEAM] (~280 Libraries) [2018]

The Omnisphere synthesizer, the fruit of several years of development by Spectrasonics, is a brand new brand of virtual instruments. This epic synthesizer is based on completely new sound technologies, combining a wide variety of hybrid real-time synthesis methods, an epic library of psychoacoustic sounds, and many innovative features that have never been used before in either hardware or software synthesizers. Omnisphere is a product of Spectrasonics based on the patented STEAM engine which is the basis of all performance functions of Spectrasonics instruments. Instruments equipped with the STEAM multi-timbral engine provide many hybrid synthesis functions and include additional control functions. Technology based on the STEAM engine, provides the ability to work with 64-bit applications and new operating systems. All Spectrasonics virtual instruments based on the STEAM engine interact with each other.


More details about the content of the distribution:
Omnisphere Soundsources v2.5.0c
Omnisphere Patch Library v2.5.0c
Keyscape Soundsources v1.0.2
Keyscape Patches v1.3c
Trilian Soundsources v1.0.1
Trilian Patches v1.4.7c
Bob Moog Tribute Library Patches v1.4c
+ Over 230 3rd Party Libraries (233 Single Libraries + 44 Multi Libraries) + Factory Libraries

The image contains ONLY the STEAM folder with the Omnisphere, Keyscape and Trilian libraries

1. Copy the Spectrasonics folder from the Spectrasonics.iso image. Copying may take up to 40 minutes or more, depending on the type of your HDD. It is recommended to place the folder in the root of the drive (eg D:\Spectrasonics, E:\Spectrasonics, etc.).
The Russian language and also other languages are unacceptable to use!
That is, you do not need to do this: D: \ Synthesizers \ Spectrasonics, E: \ Music programs \ Spectrasonics, etc.
2. After you have moved the Spectrasonics folder from the image of the same name, you will need to create a shortcut to the STEAM folder.
To do this, follow the path Disk C:\ProgramData and create the Spectrasonics folder and create a shortcut to the STEAM folder in it. Specify the path where you saved the Spectrasonics folder (in this folder, specify the STEAM folder).
3. Download and install Omnisphere
If necessary, also download Keyscape and Trilian .
Read the installation instructions in the relevant distributions
4. Download from under the distribution from the first post the necessary updates and also install them
5. Next, launch Omnisphere. The first time you start Omnisphere, a black window will appear (no need to take any action at this point, you just need to wait. This procedure can take up to 10 minutes. At this point, the necessary files for your system will be created for Omnisphere to work correctly). As a result, the black window should automatically change to the Omnisphere window.

List of libraries
Audiority – Cinematic
Audiority – Cinematic II
Audiority – Cinematic III
Audiority – Cinematic IV
Audiority – Collection Vol. 1
Audiority – Dancesphere
Audiority – Darkscapes
Audiority – Driving Force
Audiority – Driving Force II
Audiority – Magnitude
Audiority – Magnitude II
Audiority – Modern EDM
Audiority – Omniscapes
Audiority – Relative Dimension
Audiority – Scattered Grains
Audiority – Shimmer Sky
Audiority – Trapsphere
BigWerks – Golden Gauntlet
BigWerks – Mafia
DrumSelect – Chernobyl
DrumSelect – H2O
DrumVault – Amplify
DrumVault – Antidote
DrumVault – Anubis
DrumVault – Black Diamond
DrumVault – Black Magic
DrumVault – Black Magic II
DrumVault – Black Pawn
DrumVault – Black Swan
DrumVault – Black Swan II
DrumVault – Cobalt
DrumVault – Coke Like The 80s
DrumVault – Crimson
DrumVault – Dark Horse
DrumVault – Destiny
DrumVault – Echo Falls
DrumVault – Eden
DrumVault – Emerald
DrumVault – Ethernet
DrumVault – Horizon
DrumVault – Karukera
DrumVault – Magenta
DrumVault – Obscure
DrumVault – Obscure II
DrumVault – Pandora
DrumVault – Pharaoh
DrumVault – Polaris
DrumVault – Rainbow Road
DrumVault – Rodeo
DrumVault – Shangri-la
DrumVault – Solstice
DrumVault – Straplanta
DrumVault – The Forest
DrumVault – Tropical
DrumVault – Vardos
DrumVault – Versace Veterans
DrumVault – White Horse
DrumVault – Witches Fruit
DrumVault – Zenith
E-Trou – Apollo
E- Trou – Arkangel
E-Trou – Eclipse
E-Trou – Solar
Global Audio Tools – Golden Gates
Global Audio Tools – Nebula
Global Audio Tools – What’s Hot Now
ILIO – Ascension
ILIO – EDM Eclipse Lunar
ILIO – EDM Eclipse Solar
ILIO – EDM Ignition
ILIO – Fire Water
ILIO – Hardwired
ILIO – Pulsar
ILIO – Revolve
ILIO – Robotica
ILIO – The Mint
Luftrum – 14
Luftrum – 18
Luftrum – Ambient 2
Lunar Pole – Cinematic Drums
Lunar Pole – Epic Drums
Lunar Pole – Epic Enigma
Lunar Pole – Nostalgia
Nick Mira – Chernoybl
Nick Mira – Havoc
Nick Mira – Luna
Nick Mira – Napalm
Nick Mira – Shogun
Nozytic – Dark Legend
Nozytic – Knight Savage
Peter James – Transcendent
Peter James – Ultimate ARP & Rhythmic
Peter James – Ultimate Lead & Bass
Peter James – Ultimate Pads
Pharaoh Vice – Fairfax
Pharaoh Vice – Melrose
Pharaoh Vice – San Diego
Plughugger – A Bad Place
Plughugger – Acidland
Plughugger – Ambient Kazoo
Plughugger – Analog All Stars
Plughugger – Atari Avalon
Plughugger – Bassphere 01
Plughugger – Bassphere 02
Plughugger – Bassphere 03
Plughugger – Dark EDM
Plughugger – Deity
Plughugger – Deity VA
Plughugger – Electro Royale
Plughugger – EMP3
Plughugger – Event Horizon
Plughugger – JP8K Legends
Plughugger – JP8K Legends VA
Plughugger – Lounge Electro
Plughugger – Smash
Plughugger – Supersaw EDM
Plughugger – Technique
Plughugger – The Coil
Plughugger – The Underground
Plughugger – The Void
Plughugger – UltraVirus
Plughugger – UltraVirus VA
Plughugger – World of Sin
PlugInGuru – 1020 Collection
PlugInGuru – Airwave V101
PlugInGuru – Airwave Vol. 2
PlugInGuru – Del Norte EDM Chill
PlugInGuru – IS Galactik
PlugInGuru – Kid Anthem
PlugInGuru – Kid Anthem II
PlugInGuru – Kreaturesque
PlugInGuru – Kreaturesque Bonus
PlugInGuru – MegaMagic Bells n Winds
PlugInGuru – MegaMagic Dreams
PlugInGuru – MegaMagic Guitars
PlugInGuru – MegaMagic Guitars Part 2
PlugInGuru – MegaMagic Pads

PlugInGuru – MegaMagic Viola
PlugInGuru – Northern Impakt V1
PlugInGuru – Northern Lights
PlugInGuru – OMG Drums V1
PlugInGuru – OmniChill
PlugInGuru – OmniPulse
PlugInGuru – Omniverse 1
PlugInGuru – Omniverse 2
PlugInGuru – Omniverse III Aurora
PlugInGuru – Omni-X
PlugInGuru – Radio Ready Vol. 1
PlugInGuru – Sabresphere
PlugInGuru – Toxic Omnisphere
Roy Major – Downrange
Roy Major – Titan
Sonic Underworld – Cygnia
Sonic Underworld – Trinitum Vol.1
Kompletely Omnispheric Binary Worlds 1
Kompletely Omnispheric Binary Worlds 2
Kompletely Omnispheric Rhythm & Sound
Kompletely Omnispheric Special Effects
Kompletely Omnispheric Surplus Sounds
SubsonicArtz – Gaia
SubsonicArtz – Interstellar
That Worship Sound – Majestica Vol.1
That Worship Sound – Spectrum Vol.1
That Worship Sound – Worship Essentials
The Martianz – Dawn
The Martianz – Sunset
The Unfinished – Capricorn
The Unfinished – Colossus
The Unfinished – Colossus II
The Unfinished – Ferox
The Unfinished – Horizon
The Unfinished – Horizon II
The Unfinished – Horizon III
The Unfinished – Horizon V Deluxe
The Unfinished – Humankind Patches
The Unfinished – Lost Found
The Unfinished – Pangea
The Unfinished – Pangea – Tribute
The Unfinished – Pangea – Trilian
Tom Wolfe’s – Ares
Tom Wolfe’s – Halcyon
TopSounds – Time Travel
TopSounds – Twin Peaks
TopSounds – Venutian
Triple Spiral Audio – Empty Fields F.2
Triple Spiral Audio – Journeys
Triple Spiral Audio – Pagan III
Uneek Sounds – Dark and Dirty
Uneek Sounds – Movie Music
Uneek Sounds – Spheres of Destiny
Uneek Sounds – Synthetic
KC Supreme – Aero
KC Supreme – Euphoria
Art of Chill 2
AudioTrap – XaviorJordan Dimension
Chaos – Delta
Chris OG – Static
CL-Projects – Realm of Omnisphere
Colarium Sounds – Cosmic Arpeggiators
Eestbound – Illusions
Ikarus – Ethnicity
Industry Kits – SuperStar O
Laniakea Sounds – Art Of Chill
LeauxFi – Aurora
MAYENiAC – Strawberrita Dreams
MIDIssonance – Omnisphere XLV
mjNichols – Invictus
Mr Amine – Hollysphere
Mulperi – Electro Essentials
Rocky Mountain Sounds – Polar Ice
Ryan Wussow – Pad Bank Vol. 1
Sami Younes – Magma
Snow Audio – Pulse
Sound Arte Nuovo – Delight
Sound Dust – Untopia
Sound Fuel – Omni Messiah
Sound Gods – IT Vol. 1
Sound Gods – IT Vol. 2
Soundescape – Synthetica
Soundethers – Dreaming
Stephen Wey – VoxWorks
String Audio – Lightless
The Kit Plug – Status
Time+Space – Dark Ambience
Triple Spiral Audio – Time
Wags RFM – Omnipatches
Waveformless Soundware – Encompass
Zeitaugen – The Science Fiction
Zero-G – Celtic Atmospheres

Problem solving

If Omnisphere does not display fonts. This problem is faced by Windows 7 users.


If errors appear when loading certain patches (this should not happen by default and, as a rule, inattentive users create such a problem)
For Omnisphere
1. There are such prt_omn.index files.
They are created along the path Your Disk:\Spectrasonics\STEAM\Omnisphere\Settings Library\Patches
By default, the distribution does not contain these files and they are created the first time you start Omnisphere for each user’s system, that is the paths of your system are registered. The number of files is 29, they all need to be deleted.
2. There are also such files mlt_omn.index
They are created along the path Your Disk\Spectrasonics\STEAM\Omnisphere\Settings Library\Multis
The number of files is 9, they must all be deleted.
3. There are such files zmap.index
They are created along the path
Your Disk\Spectrasonics\STEAM\Omnisphere\Soundsources\Factory\Core Library
Your Disk\Spectrasonics\STEAM\Omnisphere\Soundsources\Factory\Moog Tribute Library
Your Disk\Spectrasonics\STEAM\ Omnisphere\Soundsources\User
Delete these 3 files also

For Keyscape
If errors appear when loading Keyscape patches, then you need to delete the zmap.index file in the path Your Drive:\Spectrasonics\STEAM\Keyscape\Soundsources\Factory\Keyscape Library

For Trilian
If errors appear when downloading Trilian patches, then you need to delete the prt_trl.index file along the path Your Disk:\Spectrasonics\STEAM\Trilian\Settings Library\Patches\Factory\The Unfinished Trilian Humankind Patches

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