Steinberg – HALion v7.0.10

Synthesizer Sampler

1. Install Steinberg Library Manager 3.2.20.exe
2. Install HALion
3. Download Content for HALion 7 . Extract files to a folder from the image and check in libraries by running any file from the folder.
4. Install MediaBay
5. Install Activation Manager Unlocker b6.exe

The following lists all new features and improvements in HALion 7.0.10 and HALion Sonic 7.0.10

HALLY-6337 General Select zones via MIDI didn’t work on HALion Sonic Drum Kit programs
HALLY-9988, 9995 Mixer Crash by loading FX via Enter/Return in H7 Mixer
HALLY-10091 General Crash using “Clear PlugIn Instance”
HALLY-10035 Load /Save Crash when loading presets in HALion Sonic
HALLY-9952, 10008 Standalone Standalone audio didn’t work
HALLY-10020 Editor Missing Pedal/Manual subpage switch in Organ zone editor
HALLY-10038, 10043 General Crash changing preset in HALion Sonic 7
HALLY- 10007 General HALion 7 help link pointed to H6 documentation
HALLY-10002 Wavetable Wavetable editor didn’t show waves in overview
HALLY-9999 General Crash when clicking on empty zone name in zone editor header
HALLY-9112 Content Creator Unassigned files when loading a preset with REVerence in Library Creator
HALLY-10025 Load/Save “Save as Default Screenset” did not affect the Default Screenset opened via the Home Screen
HALLY-10027 Slot-Rack Crash while using CTRL+ C/V in Slot Rack
HALLY-10028 Slot-Rack CTRL+C in Slot Rack copied the Multi-Program
HALLY-10004 Spectral OSC No Play locators in the Sample view for the Spectral OSC
HALLY-10057 Envelopes H7 Envelope copy paste created unexpected results
HALLY-10040 X-LFO HALion 7 crash while navigating between X-LFO source and target
HALLY-10096 Load/Save Impossible to save program via context menu on the top panel load program slot
HALLY-9963 Load/Save Impossible to save program via context menu on the top panel load program slot

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