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Steinberg Nuendo

It is very convenient to create, mix, record music by means of the Steinberg Nuendo sound workstation. A rich selection of virtual instruments, the use of advanced technologies and an extensive audio library of ready-made elements for soundtrack design turn the work of sound recording into a creative process that ensures the realization of ideas of any complexity and guarantees high-quality results. Cubase contains all the necessary tools for developing, mixing and recording sound compositions by beginners, and is also applicable for home use.


Don’t change the Nuendo installation path! It must be installed by default on drive C. Otherwise, you will end up with an error: No valid license. The program will be closed.
1. Install eLicenser Control Center
2. Install “Soft-eLicenser local license generator b25”
3. Install Steinberg Library Manager 3.2.20.exe
4. Install Steinberg Activation Manager 1.2.10.exe
5. Run Setup file .exe in the Nuendo 12 folder and install it
6. Run “Activation Manager Unlocker b2.exe” and then restart the PC

Installing the eLicenser Control Center and Soft-eLicenser local license generator is optional and is intended for those who use or plan to use other software from Steinberg.
A list of all licenses installed using Soft-eLicenser local license generator b25 is available in the file Licenses.png

List of licenses:

Soft-eLicenser local license generator may not work on some systems and the reason for this is third-party software.
Below is a list of detected software that disrupts the operation of the eLicenser Control Center
Remove or remove the following software from startup:
MSI Afterburner
RedFox AnyDVD
PunkLabs Rocketdock
Samsung Settings
Asus Xonar HookSupport Manager
Winstep Nexus Dock

Additional content can be downloaded from the official website
or via Download Assistant
Objects from imported ADM files are now always connected to the renderer properly.
The vertical position of immersive channels as multi-objects is now correctly maintained in exported ADM files.
Audio objects are no longer audible in the bed channels of exported ADM files.
ADM files no longer become corrupted when quitting Nuendo straight after the ADM export was completed.
We have corrected an internal ADM editor issue that caused frequent error messages on systems using EuCon control.
Importing ADM files to existing projects now always includes all of the pan automation.
Audio objects now always remain connected after exporting an ADM file.
Audio objects now always remain connected after switching from the internal to an external renderer.
Audio object sizes are now correctly stored in exported ADM files.
Pan automation no longer resets to center in exported ADM files.
The dialogue-gated loudness normalization process in DOP no longer causes undesired level gain.
Duplicated versions of the Chord Track now display the correct scales.
The “Show Half Level Axis” option in the Sample Editor now works as expected.
We have corrected graphical glitches in the output field of the Channel Settings Window.
Q-Link works now also for deactivated MIDI Inserts in the MixConsole.
We have corrected issues with the first Tempo node not being processed by the Project Logical Editor.
We have corrected an issue with Track Quick Controls, when a track is deleted and the undo action is made afterwards.
The mouse pointer now shows the correct Object Selection Tool when switching between the alternatives and the Combine Selection Tool mode is enabled.
FX and Group Track presets are now stored and created correctly.
We corrected an issue with the Analyze button in the Tempo Detection panel in HiDPI mode.
Transposing selected events in the Key Editor beyond the visible window space now works as expected.
We have corrected the layout in the MIDI Record Modes panel.
We have corrected the reset function of Time Max and Time Display.
MIDI CC Ramps are now enabled as expected when switching the MIDI Channel from Any to a specific number.
The Enter Project Cursor Position window now closes after entering the position automatically.
Horizontal lines can now be moved when added in the Score Editor.
We have corrected issues with Direct Offline Processing in the Japanese localized version.
The buttons in the HUB have been redesigned.
We have redesigned the scrollbar handles in the Project window in order to fix artifacts in HiDPI mode.
We have corrected the behavior with incremental numbers when adding VST instrument tracks with the same instrument.
We have corrected an issue with entering values ​​in the Info Line of the Signature Track.
We have corrected an issue with the Playhead in the Lower Zone Editor.
We have inverted the colors of the keyboard guide lines in VariAudio mode to match the corresponding key colors.
Warp markers are now created on all selected events when musical mode is enabled.
We have increased the tolerance of the VST Performance indicator.
Audio is not analyzed again when loading projects that use the Standard – Solo algorithm for AudioWarp.
We have corrected an issue with loading Drum Maps.
We have improved the stability when exporting MIDI files.
We have improved the stability when working with MIDI feedback loops.
We have improved the stability when disarming multiple tracks by selecting a new track to arm.
We have improved the stability when freezing Sampler Tracks.
We have improved the stability when importing video files by using key commands.
We have improved the stability when working with TrackVersions in the Japanese localized version.
We have improved the stability when editing Chord Pad parameters during playback.
Audio Extensions
We have improved the handling of temporary Audio Extensions files in order to minimize the required hard disk space.
We have corrected an issue with the Play Tool when using Audio Extensions.
We have corrected an issue with Audio Extensions playing on the wrong channel when using the Divide Track List function.
The top front speakers are no longer incorrectly mixed to the rear speakers when using Mixconvert V6 for downmixing Auro 3D 10.1 to 5.1.
We have improved the performance of the Tuner plug-in in projects in 96 kHz.
We have corrected an issue with pitch bend messages in the Pitch Correct plug-in.
We have corrected the init value of the ER low cut in the REVelation plug-in.
The Compressor plug-in now keeps adjusted settings as expected.
We have correced an issue where the routing of plug-ins set to Post Fader was lost.
We have corrected some graphical glitches with the VST Amp Rack on macOS.
We have corrected an issue with the VST Amp Rack on offline rendering.

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