Steinberg – WaveLab Pro 11.1.10 x64 Team VR

The Steinberg WaveLab universal audio editor is a powerful tool for professional editing, audio file recovery, and high-resolution audio editing. The software has a wide range of users – from amateurs to recording professionals and is distinguished by the highest sound quality. The editor works under 64-bit Windows operating systems with standard MIDI controllers such as Steinberg CI, CMC, CC121.
In terms of its functionality, WaveLab surpasses many audio processing programs. The editor provides fast conversion of audio files due to batch processing, creation of backup copies and formation of playlists, development of author’s projects for Audio CD and DVD, as well as a unique opportunity to add sound effects to an audio file right at the time of its playback.
The open architecture of the program allows users to add new useful features to it.

1. Install Steinberg Activation Manager 1.3.1.exe
2. Install WaveLab Pro 11.1.10.exe
3. Install Activation Manager Unlocker b3.exe and restart PC
P-5692 Support for Microsoft Surface Dial has been added (Windows only).
P-5697 It is now possible to zoom on the waveform vertically by holding the middle mouse button and using the mouse wheel.
P-5696 It is now possible to zoom on the waveform vertically via the level ruler by holding the left mouse button and moving it to the left or to the right.
P-5542 Tooltip help links now work as expected.
P-5648 An issue related to importing files when two markers have the same time position has been fixed.
P-5691 A marker positioning issue when using exclusion regions markers while rendering has been fixed.
P-5694 The Level Normalizer option “Mix to Mono” now works as expected.
P-5645 The Watchfolder menu bar icon is now properly visible when using Light Scheme (Mac only).
P-5514 Plug-in parameters can now be adjusted via mouse wheel, even if the plug-in is on top of SuperVision.
P-5679 A copy/paste issue for multitrack clip ranges has been fixed.
P-4763 Plug-in window toggle visibility by clicking on a plug-in slot now works as expected.
P-5681 “Trigger Cubase/Nuendo Update” now works as expected.
P-5680 WaveLab’s main window can now be expanded over a second screen (Windows only).
P-5688 Speaker Configuration now works as expected.
P-5698 Apple Lossless files with .mp4 extension can now be imported.

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