Stylus RMX library (SAGE Libraries)


This is an additional library for the unique Stylus RMX.
Custom banks are collected here. I don’t remember / don’t know where I collected it. Chances are, you already have some of these kits.

Additional Information
Installation. Copy / move / upload these folders to the folder where you have your custom library. It’s called User Libraries and is located in the SAGE Libraries folder. In some cases, to find out where the SAGE Libraries folder is located, you need to find a shortcut (SAGE.lnk), which can be located in one of the listed folders.
C: \ Program Files \ Spectrasonics
C: \ Documents and Settings \ Username \ Application Data \ Spectrasonics
C: \ Users \ Username \ Application Data \ Spectrasonics
And look at its properties (Location of the object), or click on it, and it should transfer us to the SAGE Libraries folder.
C: \ Program Files \ Spectrasonics – here it is by default (If you did not change anything during installation.)
In general, you need to find this folder by any means, up to search, through Explorer or Total Commander. And in it the User Libraries folder.
Ultimately, it should look something like mine:
C: \ Lister \ Omni \ SAGE Libraries \ User Libraries
And into it, copy / move / load all these folders.

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