SubMission Audio – Flatline v1.1.2 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

Flatline is the last clipper you’ll ever need. It delivers world-class premium transducer sound at a fraction of the cost.
Designed with maximum workflow in mind, it turns your mix into a world-class streamer in seconds,
ready to burn to CD or radio. Using industry-leading code, it offloads processing to the GPU,
leaving you with headroom where it matters most (mix!).

Add. Information :
-Up to 128x oversampling.
-SafeClip – enabled with resampling.
– Dithering and DC bias.
-Auto Gain for step gain control.
-Delta – solo the “cut” transients to hear what you’re cutting.
-Perfectly syncs with your monitor. Video game response time. -The frame is locked and rendered in OpenGL.
-Threshold, Shape and Output controls for contouring your mix and mastering.
– Factory presets by Mick Gordon, Forrester Sawell, Ryan “Fluff” Bruce, Thomas “Plec” Johansson and Ermin Hamidovich.

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