Tone Projects – Unisum Mastering Compressor v1.1.3 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

Unisum is a modern mastering compressor, based on a new topology that combines flawless sound with unsurpassed musical flexibility.
Created in collaboration with experienced mastering professionals, Unsium provides pure wideband compression based on flexible multiband detection and wide control over the envelope and transfer curve. Whether you’re looking to add glue or groove, shape dynamic contours, or solve a problem in the mix, Unisum will help you achieve your goal with precision and integrity.

• Add depth and energy without sacrificing the integrity of the source material.
• Control the stereo image and add natural width using Mid/Side mode and flexible channel linking.
• Add polish and bonding adhesive to any mix regardless of style.
• Shape attack and release curves for perfect grip and movement
• Tailor each part of the compression response to uniquely match the material.
• Solve complex problems simultaneously with the highest possible accuracy and reliability.
Key Features
Exceptionally clean compression !
One of Unisum’s most attractive features is its incredibly clean compression. With extremely low intermodulation distortion and virtually no digital aliasing, Unisum competes with high quality analog devices. Combined with music level detection, program-dependent envelopes, and smooth gain reduction, Unisum provides transparent compression that is ideal for program material that requires the highest precision.
Broadband compression with multiband control !
At the heart of the Unisum is a unique multi-range detection path offering tremendous control. The side chain is divided into 3 frequency bands, each with parallel RMS and peak detectors. The result is effective yet musical level tracking with the flexibility to tailor the response to perfectly match any track. You can also adjust threshold, ratio and attack/release based on frequency… all without damaging crossovers in the audio path.
Full creative control !
Unlike automated “AI” tools and oversimplified universal compressors, Unisum provides detailed controls that allow you to respond with great precision to what your ears and emotions tell you, which is necessary for the most impressive sound. Adjust attack and release curves and set specific transient timings. Generate a transfer curve. Filter and limit channel linking and much more.
Character when you need it !
Unisum stays pure until you tell it not to. Use the HYGGE circuit to add a mastering transformer and lamp heat. Being highly level and frequency dependent by nature, HYGGE lends subtle weight and density to any sound. With memory effect, you can mimic the program dependent behavior of optocompressors or invert it for a completely different feel. Or you may want to increase the speed of the RMS detector to get a small number of bites.
For advanced users
Add the following entries (VALUE) to the Unisum.settings/Kelvin.settings file in the %Appdata%\Tone Projects folder.
name=”licenseName” val=”SEnki”
name=”licenseKey” val=”SEnki”
To show who the plugin is registered to.

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