ToneLib – GFX v4.7.5 & Metal v1.2.0 STANDALONE, VST, VST3 x64

ToneLib is part of Gadwin Systems, a business software company that was first founded in Delaware, USA in 1998. The Tonelib team was founded in 2014 and since then, the goal has been to develop quality software that will benefit musicians of all ages. levels. The ideal solution for guitarists and music producers. Our main goal is to provide people all over the world with quality software with a huge amount of functionality. We only work on a few products and strive to make each one the best it can be. By creating software that we would like to use ourselves, we strive to provide our users with the maximum benefit.

Description of packages (All names are clickable, with a transition to offsite):
GFX v4.7.5 With TL GFX, a complete guitar studio can now easily fit into one application. The sound of simulated guitar effects has never been so close to their real counterparts. All ToneLib GFX hardware is faithfully modeled from real circuit diagrams of highly sought-after real products, resulting in an unparalleled dynamic guitar sound. With TL GFX, you will get first-class guitar sound, and additional features will make your guitar playing much more comfortable and enjoyable.
Metal v1.2.0Designed specifically for the loudest and heaviest music, TL Metal is ideal for all genres of hard rock – from furious djent and aggressive thrash to crystal clear shredruns and soulful ballads. Carefully selected amplifiers, complemented by hand-modeled effects, allow you to achieve a truly heavy sound. Light up your guitar with some of the biggest names in the heavy metal world and take your guitar playing to levels never seen before. From razor-sharp bites to crushing sips, you’ll get it all in this superior metal backpack.

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