Toontrack – EZmix 2.2.3 Update STANDALONE, VSTi, AAX*, AU x64 (WIN/OSX)

EZmix 2 is a multi-effects plug-in that allows you to assign professionally designed audio processing effect chains to any audio source. Guitar amplifier, mixing engineer and mastering kit in one convenient package.

The following presets are being sought for the full set :
Al Schmitt
Ambient Delays
Ambient Reverbs
Buses & Masters
Cinematic FX
Cinematic Guitars
Filters & Modulation
Guitar Tone Palette
Heavy Metal Guitars
Metal Fundamentals
Michael Ilbert

What’s new?
Release notes for EZmix 2.2.3
Added support for new effects that may be used in future packs: Comp 3A, Comp G, EQP, EQ550, Console Emulator and Tape Emulator.
Added a new effect type: Saturation. Effects counting as Saturation are Console Emulator (new) and Preamp (which previously counted as Distortion).

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