Toontrack – EZmix 2.2.4 (WIN/OSX)

EZmix 2 is a versatile multi-effects plug-in that simplifies and enhances audio processing for any audio source. It’s like having a guitar amplifier, mixing engineer, and mastering kit all in one convenient package. Whether you’re a musician, mixing engineer, or producer, EZmix 2 is designed to streamline your workflow and deliver professional-quality results.

Installation Flexibility

You can install EZmix 2 on a clean system or over a previously installed version, making it convenient and adaptable to your specific needs.

Discover a World of Presets

EZmix 2 boasts an extensive library of sought-after presets that cater to various musical styles and audio processing needs. Some of the notable presets include those created by industry legends like Al Schmitt and Michael Ilbert, as well as presets for ambient effects, guitar tones, heavy metal, and more. These presets are like sonic blueprints crafted by top professionals, providing you with a head start in achieving the sound you desire.

What’s New in EZmix 2.2.4?

EZmix 2.2.4 brings enhancements and support for modern systems. The key updates include:

  • Native Apple Silicon support for AAX, ensuring compatibility with the latest technology.
  • A fix for EQ behavior that ensures proper functionality, particularly beneficial for future presets and projects.

Explore a Rich Palette of Presets

EZmix 2 includes an extensive list of presets, covering a wide range of musical genres and audio processing needs. Here’s a glimpse of the preset categories included in this distribution:

  • Alternative Rock
  • Ambient
  • Amps
  • Blues Guitars
  • Classic Amps
  • Compression & Saturation
  • Country Guitars
  • Death Metal Guitars
  • Electronic
  • Indie Guitars
  • Jazz & Fusion Guitars
  • Lo-Fi
  • Metal
  • Metal Amps
  • Modern Metal Guitars
  • Reggae
  • Rock
  • Vocal Toolbox
  • And many more…

These presets are your gateway to achieving professional-grade audio processing with ease. They’re expertly crafted to enhance your music production, mixing, and mastering processes.

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