Toontrack – Superior Drummer 3.2.8 Update STANDALONE, VSTi, AAX x64 Win

Toontrack SuperiorDrummer

Updated professional virtual drum kit from Toontrack Music. Superior Drummer is the simplicity of the EZdrummer interface with an expanded set of features: a new mixer, built-in effects (EQ, filters, gate, compressor, enveloper), etc. Superior Drummer is a professional flagship drum sampler from Toontrack Music. With its superb sounding demo engine, its phenomenal realistic spatial sound and its unrivaled extensive list of features, it truly sets the standard in today’s digital drum production.

Update for Superior Drummer 3.xx version

Factory library :
The first part of five can be downloaded HERE The
second part of five can be downloaded HERE The
third part of five can be downloaded HERE
The fourth part of five can be downloaded HERE The
fifth part can be downloaded HERE

For the factory library to work correctly, this update must also be installed:
Toontrack – Superior Drummer 3 Library Update v1.2.0

Release notes for Superior Drummer 3.2.8
Superior Drummer 3.2.8 is now available to download using the Product Manager or from the ‘My Products’ area in your Toontrack account. Please note that version 3.2.8 is required for the support of Superior Drummer 3 products released from this point forward (Q1 2022).
MIDI files dragged out from SD3 no longer contain a key signature, so no SysEx track should get created in Cubase (even with the “Auto Dissolve Format 0” Cubase option on).
Controlling a knob or slider using MIDI Learn, it is now possible to set the value to exactly 25%, 50% and 75% instead of just very close to those values.
Alternate Hits on stacked instruments made the instrument become muted after saving and loading a project. In projects with this issue (saved with version 3.2.5-3.2.7), the Alternate Hits option needs to be manually disabled on the affected stacked instrument, or the stack should be recreated.
Cancelling the saving/naming of a new MIDI Learn preset would cause a crash.
Fixed a potential crash involving changing certain mic parameters after having replaced an instrument.
Song Track
MIDI dragged from the song track did not include any time signature changes.
Dragging an external MIDI file to an empty song track did not change the main tempo of the song track.
There were cases when dragging an external MIDI file to the track did not trigger a dialog about importing tempo or time signature when it should have (when the tempos or time signatures differed in certain ways).
“Import Time Signatures from MIDI File” did not update the main time signature display.
Pasting or removing sections in the time signature editor did not update the main time signature display.
Going to Edit Tempo or Edit Time Signatures with minimized song tracks would only properly unminimize the current song track, so closing that editor and switching to another track would show that track in a bad state.
Edit Play Style
Changing Amount and then deselecting the song block could cause a crash.
It was possible to open the instrument selection menu even though it is not visible in Edit Play Style.
Grid Editor
Pinch zooming now works in the grid editor (using a trackpad on Mac).
Tooltips for the nudge buttons were flipped right/left.
Song Creator
Changing libraries or changing scale no longer removes MIDI from the MIDI drop zone.
Shutting down SD3 while Song Creator was searching for results would cause a crash.
Saving a song structure from the current track would change the name of the track to the name of the structure (starting with “New Structure”), though it would not show up in the GUI at once.
Drum Tab
Library names in the instrument right-click menu were often inadvertently shown in capitals.
Grooves Tab
Dragging a Groove Part onto a song block did not merge the instrument into the block but would replace the entire block – bug introduced in version 3.2.7.
Selecting a groove part, changing libraries and then dragging the groove part no longer causes a crash.
In Tap2Find, it was possible to open the instrument selection menu even though it is not visible there.
Mixer Tab
The Valve Distortion Box effect would sometimes sound too distorted for a while after it was added or a preset was loaded.
Bleed mute buttons in the mixer were never shown as active after loading a project/preset or changing the GUI scale.
It did not work to load only selected mixer channels from a Drums and Mixer Preset (by using “Select Parts…” in the preset menu).
Loading only selected mixer channels from a preset now properly clears the solo state on those channels. The Clear Mute and Clear Solo buttons in the mixer were also not updated.
Tracker Tab
Fixed a crash that could happen when loading a project where the tracker audio is missing.
The standalone can now use ASIO devices with a buffer size larger than 2048 samples.

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