Tracktion Software Dawesome – Novum v1.0.2 VSTi3 x64

NOVUM Explore a new sound universe. By opening a new generation of creative samples, Novum opens the door to a universe of sonic possibilities. From slim pads to massive walls of resonant synths, create stunning instruments from a single sample – Novum’s sonic range is limited only by your imagination.
Sound Clay
We are accustomed to summing up sound layers into a single sound file. What about the other way around? At the heart of Novum is the ability to “decompose” one sample into 6 independent layers. This gives you free access to tonal characteristics on the one hand, and temporal dynamics on the other. And that makes all the difference, turning your static sample into flexible sonic clay.
Cross synthesis
Want to take a flute sample, but hear it with a piano tone? Or run a classic filter sweep, but with church bell hues? Novum makes it easy – with a simple drag and drop you can freely combine sound elements with each other. To make this process even easier: import your sample, then lock its tone colors and envelopes. Now you can browse presets while saving the sample in place: dozens of truly unique variations at your fingertips in seconds.
Advanced Granular Synthesis
Shimmering sonic particles, sonic sparkle and a fair amount of acoustic fairy dust – grainy synthesis makes even the mundane beautiful. Velocity and pitch are independent of each other, plus you can sync grain to DAW tempo to create pulsating beats. Novum’s unique HOMOGENIZE feature allows you to create smooth, velvety textures that are difficult to create with classic granular synths. Add to that the incredible power of six grainy layers and you have a sound that is larger than life.
Limitless Possibilities
“Every sound can be an instrument” is the design philosophy at the heart of Novum. Turn field recordings into playable tuned instruments with a comb filter while retaining the original texture. Transform an out-of-tune violin sample into a soaring string ensemble with a few detailed playback settings. Use a timbre flower to turn the choir into a shimmering glass cushion? Or use SYNTIFY to transform your sample into a dark synth drone, like something straight out of a weird modular monster. What will you create with Novum?
– A unique algorithm splits the samples into layers.
– Granular synthesis up to 6 layers.
– Separate editing of timbre and temporal evolution.
– Timbre flower allows spectral modification of timbres.
– Cross-synthesis via drag and drop.
– Advanced subtraction with SYNTIFY, analog filter and comb filter.
– Powerful and intuitive modulation system.
– Full MPE support.
– Highly optimized for CPU efficiency.
– 300+ factory patches.

1. Install the program
2. From the MORiA folder , copy the Novum.vst3 file with replacement to the folder with VST3 (by default C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 ) 3. Run your DAW, run Dawesome Novum, in the window that opens in the top left corner, click on three sticks, in the menu that opens, select REGISTER CONTENT PACK, open and specify the path to the BASICS folder, this will install the content.

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