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Unfiltered Audio – Plugins Bundle CE-VR 2022.3 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Based in Southern California, Unfiltered Audio was founded with one simple idea: Music software should be made by musicians.
They have repeatedly amazed their users with an expanding range of products that inspire and push the boundaries.
That’s why artists like Junkie XL, Richard Devine and Jody Wisternoff rely heavily on it.
In this kit, you’ll find an endless sound design playground that not only brings life and movement to your productions,
but also opens up limitless creative space.
Add. Info :
Bass Mint v1.1.0 –
Byome Bass Booster v1.3.0 – Modular
Dent Effects v2.4.0 – Distortion
Fault v1.4.0 – Pitch/Mod
G8 Tool v1.6.0 –
Instant Delay Dynamic Gate v1.3.0 –
LION Delay v1. 4.0 –
Lo-fi-af Synthesizer v1.1.1 – Sandman Degradation Artifact
v1.4.0 –
Sandman Pro Delay v1.4.0 –
Silo Delay v1.1.0 – SpecOps Granular Reverb
v1.3.0 –
Triad Spectral Effects v1.3.0 –
Tails Multiband Processor v1 .0.2 – Shimmering Reverb
Zip v1.4.0 – Compressor

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