UVI – Dual Delay X v1.1.2 VST3, AAX x64

Dual Delay X is a unique approach to spatial delay using unitary rotation and reflection matrices, similar to feedback delay matrices in reverb, but tuned to more long discrete echoes. This approach allows complex manipulations of the stereo sound field that are not possible with other designs, and produces incredibly rich sounds. With Dual Delay X, you can create everything from clean delays to signature effects with dynamic and deeply controlled feedback, seamlessly transitioning from warm analog tones to crunchy lo-fi digital sounds.
Unique spin
Unlike multi-tap designs with a high degree of parameterization and complexity, Dual Delay X provides unique and versatile delay effects with minimal effort. Using a design based on unitary rotation matrices, Dual Delay X is capable of creating radical yet stable sound field manipulations over time, giving you powerful new delay effects to explore.
Powerful sound shaping tools
In addition to phase modulation, Dual Delay X integrates a number of useful sound shaping modules into the feedback path, including filters such as peaking, high and low cut, diffusion, dispersion, digital grain (downsampling and bit depth reduction) and saturate the tape with warmth and drive, allowing you to precisely project the tone and character of your delay.
Incredible sound, a breeze
Everything you need in Dual Delay X is presented in one panel with clear labels and an intuitive structure, allowing you to quickly tweak existing presets or create your own patches. The stereo and phase graphs at the top help visualize the effect over time, while the parameters below are split between primary delay (left) and feedback path (right).
Exceptional Factory Presets
Dual Delay X offers dozens of extraordinary delay effects right out of the box thanks to an extensive library of factory patches handcrafted by our in-house team of sound engineers. Quickly browse categories like Stereo, Mono, Short (Reverbish), Mods, Special FX and more. Customize and repeat your effects with built-in A/B controls, and use parameter locks for high-level controls like Mix, Time, and Feedback when browsing presets to save time.

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