UVI – Phasor v1.0.0 [R2R] VST, VST3, AAX x64 [WIN]

Your new universal phaser.
Phasor is a powerful and dynamic studio instrument offering a wide palette of modulation, filtering and distortion effects thanks to its unique multi-mode design and highly customizable parametric LFO.
From buttery stereo amplification, to rhythmic amplification with customizable LFO waveform and swing, to more creative and specialized effects using minimum and maximum frequency range, feedback and drive, Phasor is functional and easy to use, delivering exceptional sound quality
over a wide range of pleasant moments.

Key features and capabilities
State-of-the-art, fully parametric phaser
• Advanced phaser with exceptional sound quality.
• Multimode design with fully parametric LFO.
• Easy to use interface with helpful visualization.
A Future Classic
Designed to address everything from classic phaser effects to the wide variety of needs of the modern producer,
Phasor is a powerful, versatile and easy-to-use effect with great sound.
State-of-the-art features
Phasor includes a number of powerful features that allow you to easily plug in anything from surgical enhancement to two-handed rhythmic distortion.
Use the Min and Max knobs to adjust the frequency range, then pair it with depth to create parallel laser-focused effects,
while the bipolar feedback knob offers a wide range of additive and subtractive filtering effects.
Grain out your sound with Drive and confidently evaluate your changes with Trim, I/O metering and A/B snapshotting to easily level up and compare your effect.
Multimode LFO Design
One of Phasor’s most powerful components is its multimode LFO design, allowing you to choose between Off, Random, S&H, and Parametric LFO modes.
Off mode disables the LFO, allowing you to create static or purely automatic effects, while S&H and Random offer stepped and smooth frequency-bound randomization, allowing you to apply a variable degree of controlled chaos to
your sound.
Parametric LFO
The star of the show is the fully parametric Phasor LFO, with which you can achieve an incredibly wide range of phasing modes thanks to variable waveform, pulse width, symmetry, phase and swing.
Tap the LFO wave display to access the common starting points, then dial in a rhythmically appropriate modulation to match your track perfectly.
Ease of use
A spacious, clearly labeled and well-organized interface makes Phasor easy to use. All parameters are available on a single page, including visualization of the frequency curve, LFO shape, and I/O levels,
allowing you to see exactly what’s going on at a glance. Meanwhile, a rich selection of handcrafted presets gives you plenty of starting points and allows you to quickly assess what’s right for your sound.

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