Waves – Complete 14 v.06.09.22 VST, VST3, AAX, AU x64 [WIN,MAC] [09/06/2022]

A complete package of professional audio processing plugins for various purposes,

awarded the Technical GRAMMY Award for his contribution to the development of music.

What’s new
September 6, 2022
New update – StudioRack v14.2.52.174 can now host non-Waves VST3 plugins from any manufacturer. Now you can create and save complete chains, assign plugins to macros, turn any plugin into a multi-band instrument, and create instant parallel chain splits with all your Waves plugins, as well as non-Waves VST3 plugins.
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7 Comments on “Waves – Complete 14 v.06.09.22 VST, VST3, AAX, AU x64 [WIN,MAC] [09/06/2022]”

  1. I downloaded and installed it and everything worked. But it was not version 14 that you installed, but version 13.3.2
    And I wanted version 14 mainly for clarity vx.

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