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Waves – Complete v.13 (Light, plugins only) 03/13/2022 & StudioRack v12 10/11/2021: Added support for Waves V13 plugins WIN; VST, VST3, AAX, WPAPI x64 - Complete Samples Library

The world’s largest selection of professional-quality audio plug-ins, from the industry’s most popular EQs, compressors, and analog models to award-winning reverbs, delays, effects, virtual instruments, surround sound instruments, and more.
Waves v.13 software mixers and plug-in racks seamlessly integrate with any SoundGrid-compatible I/O device, streamlining the workflow of studio, live and broadcast engineers around the world.
FOH, monitoring and broadcast engineers can now mix live with the same award-winning plug-ins used by the world’s leading studios. Waves v.13 plugins can be used with all major consoles via the SuperRack plugin rack or in the Waves eMotion LV1 mixer – all in real time and with ultra-low latency.

Release Notes
Since Waves has been updated to version 13 only plugins, excluding StudioRack, the release contains everything – ONLY PLUGS!!! (Plugins only!!!) , 13 versions of Waves as of 03/13/2022. Also, updated StudioRack v12.8.0.390 with added support for Waves v13 plugins.
ATTENTION!!! The free sample pack that comes with the COSMOS Sample Finder (over 2500 samples) can only be downloaded as part of COSMOS!!!
Install and run Waves Central 13.0.12 from this distribution. Or just open the install.cen file from the Waves folder. Select the required plugins and/or bundles and install them. Copy with a replacement from the License, the folder WavesLicenseEngine.bundle along the path C:\ProgramData\Waves Audio\Modules, do not forget that ProgramData is hidden by default. Instrument samples Reverb presets and impulses



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