Yamaha – Vocaloid 5.2.1 x64 + Libraries

Vocaloid5 version 5.2 software for creating synthesized voice (singing) .one. Works as a standalone editor and as a VSTi instrument, supports ReWire, RealTime input, etc. Additionally, a VST version for Cubase with the old interface and support for V5 libraries is included.
Interface English and Japanese
The program is compatible with V3 and V4 banks – Vocaloids, they can be downloaded here on the root tracker (V4 theme + all libraries)

Description of the installation process
1. Install the editor – VOCALOID5_Editor_5.0.1 (in the default folder, you don’t need to select anything), install the update VOCALOID5_Editor_Update_5.2.1
(who wants to have a version for Cubase with the old interface and support for V5 banks – VOCALOID4_5_Editor_for_Cubase_4.5.0
but the V5 editor can work as
2. Install libraries, V3\V4\V5 libraries are supported, original or FE (FE is on the roottracker in the distribution with V4 + libraries), if you have already installed any of them, then you can skip this step
3. Install crack – VOCALOID5_try
VST DLL is automatically installed here – C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2 , copy it yourself later where you need

Add. Information : In the distribution there are voice banks V5:
Japanese: Ken, Kaori, VY1V5, V2V5, Haruno Sora (Cool + Natural), HIME, MIKOTO
English: Amy, Chris, Cyber ​​DivaII, Cyber ​​Songman II
all installers (editor and libraries) are original, all kinds of Visual C ++ and frameworks are installed automatically
under Win7 \ 8 there may be problems, I recommend installing the .NET Framework 4.6.1 \ 4.6.2 MANUALLY if the editor crashes