AIR Music Technology – Hybrid 3.0.10

Hybrid 3.0 is the next generation synthesis. This virtual synthesizer combines the coveted warmth of analog synthesizers with a full suite of futuristic digital processing capabilities. The result is the best of both worlds – a virtual instrument with a vast array of finely tuned parameters that can sound like the synth you remember, or something that no one has ever heard before.

1200+ built-in sounds- Hybrid 3.0 comes with over 1200 inspiring presets designed to speed up your creative process. Over 200 new patches, designed by renowned AIR sound engineers, include everything from synth pads, arpeggios, poly synths, basses, solos, sequences and more. Hybrid gaming veterans will be happy to discover that the familiar Hybrid 2.0 presets have been completely redesigned, allowing users to experience their favorite sounds with all the sonic enhancements of Hybrid 3.0. If you’re into tuning, Hybrid 3.0 is loaded with a full set of user-configurable parameters that let you create unique sounds and customize them to your liking. With support for two simultaneous parts (i.e. a powerful combination of two separate synthesizers with 3 oscillators) you can overdub, split or distribute sounds to create deep, complex and wide patches. Plus, the simple patch browser makes it easy to find the preset you’re looking for, and lets you load two presets at the same time, one for each part, for experimenting with rich Voices and playing sounds with multiple patches.

High Resolution Oscillators- With three versatile oscillators and a sub-oscillator per part, the Hybrid 3.0 can combine multiple oscillators together to create huge pads, solos, basses and more. Two multifunctional oscillators can recreate classic subtractive synthesis waveforms for a dose of analog nostalgia. In addition, these generators have digital wavetable algorithms. As a result, users can choose from nine different modes, including Multi-Square waveform, Saw Sync, Saw Cross Modulation (which modulates the saw wave height with triangular wave output for complex tones), Saw Multi (a set of seven unison saws), Square Sync , Square Cross Modulation, Square Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Wavetable. Hybrid 3.0 offers 100 waveform tables, each containing up to 64 single cycle waveforms.


Dual Filtering and Saturation Modes – Hybrid 3.0 has two multi-mode filters that can operate in series or in parallel. In addition, the filters can be assigned one per channel to the stereo outputs, or set up so that Oscillator 1 feeds the signal to Filter 1 and the rest of the Oscillators feed to Filter 2. Both filters offer a DCF (Digitally Controlled Filter) of your choice. or VCF models. Vintage Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF) makes it easier than ever to achieve bold, retro synth sounds from the 70s and 80s. This sound filter brings the legendary soft and bold warmth of classic analog synthesizer hardware filters to the Hybrid 3.0.

Use revolutionary multi-mode filters to control tone color by removing or emphasizing specific frequencies. Choose from an extensive collection of 23 modes. Then type in the filter cutoff, velocity, and key tracking. Use the resonance control to change the tonal sound from hollow to ringing, highlighting frequencies near the cutoff point and creating self-oscillating oscillations. A mixture of a third generator and a noise generator can serve as a sound modulation source for the filter cut, creating characteristic electronic sound effects.

To add spice, adjust the saturation of the filter. Hybrid 3.0 offers the original Overdrive filter, which creates soft tube clipping and includes five additional filter saturation modes: Distort, which creates harder, brighter clipping; Hard Clip, which creates very hard and bright transistor clipping; Rectify, which creates subtle distortion while preserving the character of the input signal; Bit Crush, which creates deliberate distortion by reducing the bit depth; and Resample, which creates deliberate distortion by downsampling.

LFO- Hybrid 3.0 includes four LFOs per section: two monophonic, one polyphonic, and one dedicated Pump LFO. Use the LFO to modulate pitch, volume, or cutoff to create vibrato, tremolo, or electronic sweeps. Choose from eight modulation types, from sine and triangular to random, drift and sample-and-hold. Change the depth, frequency, phase and sync mode to quickly and dramatically change the sound.

Pump is a special type of envelope that simulates studio sidechains for pumping-and-breathing effects. In the case of the Hybrid 3.0, this rhythm effect can be applied to more than just the overall mix. The Pump LFO can be routed to create a rhythmic effect on many specific parameters such as pitch or filter settings.

Envelope Editors- Use four envelope editors to easily model filter, amplitude, and any two other modulation envelopes. Adjust the speed, attack, decay and tracking, and then set the envelope range.

Hype Algorithm – New in Hybrid 3.0 is Hype, a quick way to enhance the bass or treble of any patch. Boost bass and kick drum sounds with deep sub-bass by adjusting Hype Low, or turn on Hype High to polish highs with shimmer and shine; the latter sounds great on pads, strings, brass and percussion sounds.

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