AIR Music Technology – Mini D v1.1.0

Experience legendary American synth sound !
A 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer based on the classic American synthesizer legend.
The carefully modeled oscillator section includes 8 authentic oscillator waveforms Multiple LFO shapes with 19 choices including linear, sine, square, triangular, random and stepped
Over 400 presets including bass, leads, percussion and synth effects.
Two filters are included: “Staircase” and “Modern” with cutoff, rezo, contour and a dedicated feedback channel.
Built-in creative effects chain including EQ, chorus and delay

Main characteristics
Classic Oscillator Shapes for Classic Sounds :
Featuring 8 authentically modeled oscillator shapes, the Mini D is a powerful source of rich, vibrant tone. Combine three oscillators per voice (max 4 voices) with pitch detuning on voices 2 and 3 to create massive pads, drone basses or searing solos. Each oscillator can be used as a mod source and includes traditional waveform pitch ranges from 32 feet to 2 feet.
Create your sound with rich filter harmonics :
The Mini D includes a “Classic” ladder filter model with meticulous attention to the feedback section to create a truly wonderful emulation of the original. The filter can be tied to a trigger key or the mod’s second control source for sounds that morph and change over time, creating instant energy in your sound. In addition to the ladder filter, the Mini D also includes a “modern style” filter that emulates more modern style feedback filters to give your synthesizer sound a more modern feel.
Add depth and character with effects – no pedals needed !
Unlike the original, the Mini D comes with three effects already at the end of the signal chain, perfect for adding color to your sounds without the need for external gear or the use of additional post-plugin effects. Equalizer with bass/mid/treble bands and gain control. Stereo choir effects to enhance the sound with spread and mix controls.
Easy to find bass, lead and synth tones :
The presets in Mini D created by the world famous Air Music team in Germany will inspire you! With over ten categories ranging from Bass to Synth FX, you’re sure to find sounds you can immediately use on your next track, or great starting points for experimenting and tweaking your own tones.

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