Anarchy Audioworx – Anarchy Comp 1.0.0 (WIN/OSX) Audioworx - Anarchy Comp

Anarchy Comp is a versatile compressor suitable for use with any type of single track or master bus sound.
Its powerful library of 55 presets has the perfect starting point you need to control your sounds in any situation.
Along with all the functions of the usual compression, with its two separate processed and dry signal regulators, the plug-in can also be used as a parallel compressor.
It is ideal for processing any sound, be it electronic, acoustic or concert sound, and has excellent presets for every instrument and situation.
With built-in screens, you have a visual representation of how your sound is processed in real time as you tune, comparing live animated waveforms for both dry and processed signal, giving you accurate feedback on the information as well as the overall gain reduction level, making controlling levels easier than ever before.
The built-in saturator adds a warm analog character and can also be used to mitigate sharp transients on snare reels, toms or any other things, giving your mix punch and foundation while maintaining monolithic.
It also has a trim level equalizer (bass) for the processed signal, which is ideal for use on overhead or room microphones, removing the dirt of the low frequencies from the mix.

Warm Analog Character
Both Regular and Parallel Compression
Full Control Over All Compression Settings:
Threshold, Attack, Release, Ratio, Gain
Auto Makeup Gain
Gain Reduction Meter
Live visual waveform representations of both the input and output signals so you can see exactly how your sound is being affected in real time
Built in Saturation Module
55 Presets for Any Sound
Low Cut EQ for the Wet Signal
Intuitive layout and easy to use controls
Resizable user interface
Super low CPU usage perfect for using multiple instances

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