Applied Acoustics Systems – Strum GS-2 v2.4.4

Applied Acoustics Systems has released the Strum Acoustic GS-2, an acoustic guitar modeling synthesizer that brings a fresh solution for producers and composers to create acoustic guitar tracks.

Based on the latest AAS physical modeling technology, STRUM contains a collection of steel and nylon string acoustic guitars. A sophisticated “voice” module automatically plays the chords played on the keyboard as if you were playing them on a real guitar. The plucking methods are imitated by the auto-strum function, special keys, or MIDI loops. Equalizer, multi-effects and reverb are included in the package.

“Strum is the perfect tool for keyboardists to create great-sounding acoustic guitar tracks,” said Marc-Pierre Verge, co-leader of AAS (Applied Acoustics Systems), “Our physical modeling approach not only allows us to find the right sound, but also makes it possible play a wide range of left-handed and right-handed playing techniques easily and effectively on the keyboard.”

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