Arturia – SQ80 V v1.1.2

Arturia SQ80 1 -

Discover the digital resurrection of the iconic Ensoniq SQ80 V, an ’80s cross-wave synthesizer that’s back to break the rules of traditional digital synthesis. This soft synth combines the lo-fi charm, complex industrial textures, and thousands of unique waveform combinations that made the original SQ80 legendary. Designed for modern music production, the SQ80 V adds a contemporary twist to a classic, offering a fast-acting and versatile digital synthesizer with an organic edge.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Digital Synthesis Resurrected: Explore a software resurrection of the Ensoniq SQ80, an ’80s digital anti-hero that challenges the conventional notion of crystal-clear and precise digital sound.
  • Analog Character: Dive into the unique blend of digital oscillators, emulated analog filter, and output circuitry that delivers growling sine waves, hissing harmonics, and warm lo-fi tones with imperfections that add character.
  • Waveform Evolution: Unlock the potential of thousands of waveform combinations, instrumental transients, hidden waveforms, and VFX transwaves for sound design that goes beyond the capabilities of the original hardware.
  • Digital Synthesis Made Accessible: Unlike many digital synthesizers known for their complexity, the SQ80 V offers an intuitive and user-friendly digital architecture that allows you to set up and play instantly.
  • Riding the Wave: Discover the history and influence of the Ensoniq SQ80, built by the same engineers who brought us the iconic Commodore 64, and learn how it has stood the test of time in the world of music production.

Installation: To install the SQ80 V, follow these steps:

  1. Run the “SQ80_V__1_1_2_1843.exe” file to install the program.
  2. Copy the “SQ80 V.dll” and “SQ80 V.vst3” files from the MORiA folder.
  3. Paste these files into the following directories:
    • “C:\ProgramData\Arturia\SQ80 V\x64” folder
    • The folders where your VST2 and VST3 plugins are installed (default locations provided).
  4. Enjoy using the SQ80 V for your music production!

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