Audiobro – LA Scoring Strings 3 (KONTAKT)

LA Scoring Strings 3 reinvents our famous classical string library by seamlessly integrating it into our new orchestral engine with many new features.
LASS 3 tools:
16 violins recorded in 3 movements (¼ + ¼ + ½ sections)
16 violins II recorded in 3 movements (¼ + ¼ + ½ sections)*
12 violas recorded in 3 movements (¼ + ¼ + ½ sections)
10 cellos, recorded in 3 movements (¼ + ¼ + ½ sections)
8 basses recorded in 3 movements (¼ + ¼ + ½ sections)
First chair violin, viola, cello and bass
*Violins II samples taken from Violins I but shifted so that not cause phasing when layered.
Here is a partial list of new features in LASS 3:
There is now a “Look Ahead” that saves you the hassle of MIDI nudges.
Recently remapped and integrated into our new orchestral engine
Now includes Legato Sordino (previously an optional add-on)
Greater legato range and flexibility (more open transitions for cleaner legato)
Independent real-time speed control of Legato, Portamento and Glissando.
All sections integrated into the same patch (multi-sections no longer needed)
Built-in polyphonic legato (multipliers no longer needed)
Integrated scene and color profiles (multipliers no longer needed)
Same note remake – integrated into new patches and supports auto divisi
LASS is our famous original divisi multi-instrument string library of 60 instruments, meticulously crafted by recording three different division sections (¼ + ¼ + ½ section at a time) in a robust scoring stage for unparalleled individual control over each section. We’ve also recorded the First Chair performers for you to overdub on sections or use as soloists. From the gentle tones of the divisi section playing sustain and beautiful legato, to the power of staccato and spicato and everything in between, LA Scoring Strings 3 captures the wide expressive range and diversity of the orchestral string family, while providing the flexibility to create more intimate music. section sounds. Impeccable recordings and meticulous editing ensure that every note of your music will shine.

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