Audiority – Space Station UM-282 v1.3.0

Audiority SpaceStationUM 282 -

space station Ursa Major SST-282, an echo and reverberation device from the late 70s. Unlike other reverb devices of the era, the space station used delay techniques to convert the mono signal into a new reverberated stereo signal.

Where the traditional delay blocks of the past had only one or two taps, the space station has many: 8 taps are used for listening and the rest are used for reverb synthesis.
That’s why the space station has been the secret weapon of many producers and engineers over the years.


Single delay line with multiple taps.
8 Listen Press.
16 listening delay programs.
Delay time up to 255 ms (extendable to 2.55 s)
Reverb time up to 3.5 s.
Reduced bandwidth (20Hz-7kHz)
Echo sync.
Full stereo.
Echo Only mode
Delay extension.
Resizable interface.

Changelog v1.3.0
– NEW: Updated framework
– NEW: CLAP plugin format (beta)
– NEW: Non-destructive mono modulations (CLAP only)
– FIXED: GUI doesn’t show correct preset name when first opened
– FIX: Improved button automation.
– FIX: Reverb tail is not reset when transport is restarted.
– CHANGED: improved error messages.

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