AugustRose Audio – The King v1.0.0

Introducing Amp Sim “The King” Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of unrivaled sonic intensity.
This revolutionary software reproduces the raw power and crushing tones of the iconic amp of one
of the biggest American thrash metal guitarists of all time, delivering a formidable arsenal of aggressive tones
that will leave a lasting impression.

Amp Sim “The King” is a must have for guitarists and producers looking to produce devastatingly heavy tones with ease.
From crushing rhythms to explosive parts, this amp simulation offers many features to create and perfect your tone to perfection.

Main characteristics
1. Authentic Amp Modeling : Experience the unmistakable fury and crushing distortion of one of the most iconic signature amps of all time. This amp simulator faithfully captures the essence of this legendary amp, ensuring that every note you play radiates power and aggression.

2. Three Versatile Pedals : “The King” features three meticulously crafted pedals designed to take your tone to new heights. The Tweaker EQ pedal offers a 4-band DI signal shaping EQ, allowing you to carve out your perfect sound. A Howler overdrive pedal boosts low frequencies and adds saturation, while a Faux-tin overdrive pedal delivers explosive high-gain distortion for maximum impact.

3.9-Band Graphic EQ : Placed after the amp and before the body simulation, this powerful tool lets you fine-tune your sound. Achieve tight and punchy rhythms or soaring lead tones with unrivaled control.

4. Extensive collection of IR: “The King” includes an extensive collection of 15 premium pre-processed impulse responses known as Cabs of Chaos. These expertly crafted IR responses add depth, realism and sonic richness to your guitar tone, taking it to the next level. Also available are 4 Bogren Digital impulse responses that cover a wide range of tonal characteristics. Plus, you have the option to load your own external IR emitters for endless tonal possibilities.

5. Dual IR Loaders: Unleash your creativity with IRR-Loaderr. Mix two impulse responses at the same time, creating a unique soundscape that will make your guitar tone stand out from others. Explore innovative textures and find your signature sound with ease.

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