Black Octopus Sound – Basement Freaks & Concord Audio Presents – New York Flash (WAV)

Basement Freaks has partnered with Concord Audio for their second collaboration “New York Flash”! This legendary collection is filled with pure sounds of the 70s that will bring a little soul to your music. He was heavily influenced by the New York House music scene and the world-famous studio 54 disco club (think Quincy Jones, Giorgio Moroder). This huge library, containing more than 1 gigabyte of funk sounds, includes swinging keys, energetic bass, powerful drums and expressive guitars.These live sounds were played by 3 professional jazz musicians from Hamburg during an improvisation led by Concord Audio Don “Felix and his good friend DJ Suro (Pioneer Funk & Hip Hop Dj & Producer from Hamburg). Recorded in a studio with top-notch microphones on ADT (German SSL) with external equipment, the best of solid-state technology. These sessions were then handed over to Basement Freaks for his experience and creativity. Basement Freaks has been one of the leading players on the international Disco Funk scene since the 2010s, when they performed Saturday night at the Shambhala Festival. Having a reputation as one of the most prolific bootleggers, skillfully creating more than 300 hybrid applications and receiving more than 5 million listens and numerous downloads. Basement Freaks clearly knows how to select the perfect samples to create a hit track. So what are you waiting for? Start lighting up and add quality funk to your collection with New York Flash!


372 Total Sounds
17 Bass Guitar Loops
75 Drum Loops
29 Guitar Loops
128 Keyboard Loops
10 Music Loops
50 Drum One Shots
1 FX One Shot
15 Guitar One Shots
29 Keys One Shots
18 Licks One Shots

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