Blackstar Plugins – St. James v1.0.1

Blackstar, a manufacturer of guitar amplifiers, has announced the release of its first software product, the Blackstar St. James Plugins.
Created by the team behind the successful Artisan, Series One, ID:Series and St. James, the plugin promises to set a new standard in amp modeling.

St. James EL34 : Classic tones, British crunch, amazing American clean sound. The EL34 software amp delivers the warmth, ringing and rasp that defines the sound associated with the icons of the 60s. These channels are ideal pedal platforms and come to life when pressed hard.

St. James 6L6 : Clear high headroom sound, iconic crunch, modern high gain. The 6L6 software amp delivers crystal clear sound, while Channel II Voice I offers modern preamp amplification with a British-style passive tone stack, and Channel II Voice II delivers tight, articulate modern metal sound with our highest gain overdrive circuitry.

PRE-FX: Pre FX pedals take inspiration from revered vintage effects pedals, conveying their unique interactivity and character that make them truly special.
Bridge the gap between hardware and software with unparalleled touch sensitivity and dynamics meticulously engineered into these pedals.

POST-FX : Add space and depth to your timbre with Post-FXX that capture the personality of classic effects.
Countless hours of critical listening have resulted in effects that sound natural and inspiring.

EQ: Equalizer Dept. 10 is based on the famous analog rack unit known for its organic sound and efficiency in improving the quality of electric guitar recordings. It features adjustable high and low cuts, as well as four bands of semi-parametric EQ with selectable center frequencies.

CABRIG is a new generation DSP speaker simulator that reproduces the sound and listening experience of a guitar cab with incredible detail.
Our new advanced algorithm models the speaker, cabinet, microphone and room in incredible detail, with virtually no latency, no phase mismatch, and much more flexibility than “instant” IR.
CabRig for St. James is unique in that it includes 9 cl

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