Blue Cat Audio – All Plug-Ins Pack v2023.08

Blue Cat Audio presents an all-encompassing digital audio processing environment, offering you a comprehensive collection of their premium plugins and applications. Elevate your audio production game with this incredible bundle.

Included Plugins and Applications:

  1. AcouFiend v1.1.1: Dive into the world of acoustic feedback simulation, allowing your guitars to scream, growl, or sing with complete control, even at low volumes or through headphones.

  2. Axiom v1.6.5: Unleash the power of this open-source multi-effects engine and amp modeling program designed for guitar and bass. Explore a vast array of exceptional tones for your instruments.

  3. Connector v1.2.0: Seamlessly transfer audio and MIDI signals in real-time between multiple computers or applications with minimal delays. Create your own signal routes with ease.

  4. Destructor v1.6.2: This mighty tool is capable of simulating various forms of distortion, from intense digital destruction to smooth compression or guitar amp modeling. Perfect for both electric and clean tones.

  5. DP Meter Pro v4.3.2: Experience a unique audio analysis tool featuring flexible audio meters and advanced sidechain control through MIDI outputs and automation.

  6. Dynamics v4.4.1: A versatile dynamics processor offering functions as a compressor, limiter, gate, expander, waveformer, or any combination of these. Its unique two-threshold system provides precise control.

  7. FreqAnalyst Multi v2.4.1: Visualize the spectral content of multiple audio tracks in real-time with this multi-track spectrum analyzer. Gain insights into both time and frequency with extreme smoothness and resolution.

  8. FreqAnalyst Pro v2.1.1: Delve into real-time spectrum analysis with advanced capabilities, offering high smoothness and resolution for both time and frequency content.

  9. Hot Tuna v1.2.0: A high-speed chromatic tuner that offers precise tuning capabilities with configurable frequency references for various tuning requirements.

  10. Late Replies v1.6.5: Discover a powerful delay, reverb, and multi-effects plugin that can be expanded infinitely by incorporating third-party VST, VST3, or AU plugins into your signal path.

  11. Liny EQ v5.2.1: Experience an ultra-low latency 8-band linear phase equalizer, offering comprehensive visual feedback and minimal signal delay, making it ideal for precise equalization.

  12. MB-5 Dynamix v2.2.1: Harness the immense power of this all-in-one multi-band dynamics processor, capable of functioning as a multi-band compressor, limiter, gate, expander, waveformer, or a combination thereof.

  13. MB-7 Mixer v3.5.5: Split your audio signal into multiple frequency bands and manipulate them individually. Adjust levels, apply panning, and incorporate built-in or third-party effects with ease.

  14. Oscilloscope Multi v2.4.1: Gain access to a multi-track oscilloscope renderer and comparator, allowing you to visualize the contents of several audio tracks simultaneously and compare them using the XY view.

  15. PatchWork v2.6.6: This universal switching gateway facilitates the integration of up to 64 VST, VST3, Audio Unit, or built-in plugins within a single instance on your digital audio workstation (DAW). Enjoy serial and parallel routing options.

  16. Plug’n Script v3.3.3: A versatile audio and MIDI scripting plugin and application that empowers you to create custom effects or virtual instruments directly within your favorite DAW.

  17. PolyVibe v1.0.1: Explore vintage “vibee” pedal recreations with added innovations for a contemporary sound. Emulate chorus, phaser, rotator, or wah effects effortlessly.

  18. Protector v2.3.1: Protect your audio output from clipping, limit overall volume, and enhance perceived volume with this transparent stereo 0 dB limiter featuring adjustable dynamic response.

  19. Re-Guitar v1.3.0: Unlock an endless array of guitar sounds from a single instrument. Emulate various guitar tones, both electric and acoustic, regardless of the guitar model used for recording.

  20. Re-Head v1.2.1: Experience a unique plugin with head response functionality. Re-Head employs a head response model to recreate the impact of your head and skull on speaker sound. Along with stereo processing, impulse response processing, EQ, and more.

  21. Remote Control v3.1.1: Seamlessly control multiple MIDI-controlled plugins or devices in real-time from a customizable user interface.

  22. StereoScope Multi v2.4.1: Gain insights into stereo field usage for individual instruments in real-time. Perfect for precise mixing and identifying phase and mono compatibility issues.

  23. StereoScope Pro v2.1.1: Analyze stereo field propagation in real-time, detect potential phase and mono compatibility problems, and harness MIDI and automation outputs.

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