Image-Line – FL Studio Producer Edition v21.1.1 [Build 3750] – All Plugins Edition

Image Line FL Studio Producer Edition v21 -

Free Download FL Studio Producer Edition 21.1.1 [Build 3750] (All Plugins Edition) as an Offline Installer for Windows.

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Overview of FL Studio v21.1.1

FL Studio stands as a comprehensive software environment crafted for music creation, functioning as a digital audio workstation (DAW). Boasting over two decades of innovative development, it amalgamates all essential elements for composing, arranging, recording, editing, mixing, and producing music of professional quality.

Features of FL Studio v21.1.1

Advanced Audio:
  • Multi-track audio recording
  • Time stretching and pitch bending during editing
  • Industry-leading piano role editor
  • MIDI recording and control of pattern or linear workflow
Mixing and Effects:
  • Multi-track mixer
  • Control automation
  • Support for VST plugins
  • Mix music to the highest professional standards
  • Features include effects chains, audio sends, sidechain control, advanced automation, plug-in latency compensation, and more
Piano Roll:
  • FL Studio’s Pianoroll has a well-deserved reputation as the best in the business
  • Used to transfer notes and automation data to connected instruments (sequencing)
  • Offers a wide range of tools for complex editing and working with scores
Browser and Playlist:
  • Unmatched flexibility in FL Studio’s playlist
  • Sequence all project elements for the final composition
  • Tracks can contain notes, audio, and automation, allowing overlay of various data types
  • Use the Browser to organize project data and enhance workflow
Instruments and FX:
  • Extensive native instruments and effects
  • Supports all VST 1, 2, and 3 standards, providing access to a wide range of third-party plug-ins
  • FL Studio itself can be used as a VST plugin in another VST host
Vector UI:
  • Allows users to change the size and layout of the user interface
Automation Recording and Editing:
  • Real-time recording and editing of control movements
VST/ReWire Support:
  • Can be used as a VST plugin or with ReWire
  • Designed for touch control
Live DJ Control:
  • Empowers users with powerful live performance capabilities, including clip triggering
Advanced Help:
  • Context-sensitive guide accessible by pressing F1
MIDI Learn:
  • Powerful MIDI controller binding capabilities
Visualizer Effects Plugin:
  • Enables the rendering of 4K video directly from FL Studio

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • Version: 21.1.1 Build 3750.
  • Developer: Image-Line.
  • Format: DAW
  • Bit depth: 64bit
  • Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese.
  • System requirements: WIN 10+
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16 Comments on “Image-Line – FL Studio Producer Edition v21.1.1 [Build 3750] – All Plugins Edition”

      1. uh man it used to happen the same in previous versions… I used to solved it this way:
        Disable Windows Audio Driver (not uninstalling, just disable it temporaly) > Change audio interface in FL > then Enable it back.
        Good Luck

  1. A commenter on another forum said that downgrading to 3712 fixed the problem- so we’ve got to wait for the next update or find out how to downgrade.

    Hoping you see this, Admin <3

    1. check out the method i used to do time ago… I won’t download this version because it was very annoying but it saved me lot of stress šŸ˜€

  2. ta mesmo com problema na troca de interface, e na hora de mudar sample raitez e na hora de adc mix buffer ou triplo buffer o exe fecha na hora

  3. Welp it was working until right now it screwed up the daw itself and it goes back to the trial. I uninstalled and reinstalled it whine the anti virus is turned off. It was not working after a few attempts, especially after pc restarting. šŸ™ Even if the daw software says it is cracked, it is not.

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