Cableguys – FilterShaper XL v1.0

Cableguys FilterShaper XL -

Get ready to take your sound design to the next level with FilterShaper XL. This powerful plugin offers an unconventional approach to shaping your audio, featuring two robust filters, a multi-stage drive, and an incredibly flexible modulation system that will transform your tracks in exciting ways.

Shape and Morph Your Sound

With FilterShaper XL, you have the tools to turn ordinary synths into mind-bending mutations that burst out of your speakers. Give your basslines a whole new life as they transform into dynamic, pulsating patterns. Your drum tracks will evolve into addictive rhythms and funky modular-style effects. The possibilities are endless.

Precision Control and Creative Freedom

FilterShaper XL allows you to go beyond the ordinary. You can start with subtle nuances and precise adjustments, gradually building up to powerful vibrations, stepped resonances, and massive oscillations. The level of control and creativity at your fingertips is unmatched.


  • Two powerful filters
  • Multi-stage drive
  • Flexible modulation system
  • Transform synths, basslines, and drums
  • Create unique sound mutations
  • From subtle to extreme transformations
  • Elevate your sound design game

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