Cableguys – ShaperBox 3 v3.3 VST/VST3/AAX x64

Revision 1: Changed license for those having issue with blacklist. Otherwise, it is impossible to control their server, so this gives you the best chances as it is working at time of release.
Enjoy, but understand the nature of the beast.

ShaperBox 3 is a collection of five individual plugins that can be used independently or in combination with each other. 

The plugins include:
TimeShaper 2: A time-stretching and sample manipulation plugin that allows you to create stutter and glitch effects, as well as pitch and time variations.

CrushShaper: A bitcrusher and downsampler that can add grit and distortion to your audio.

FilterShaper Core 2: A versatile filter plugin that allows you to create complex filter modulations and effects.

PanShaper 3: A panning and stereo width plugin that can create interesting spatial effects and enhance the stereo image of your audio.

VolumeShaper 6: A volume modulation and sidechain plugin that allows you to create pumping and ducking effects, as well as intricate volume curves.

Together, these plugins provide a wide range of audio processing tools that can be used for anything from subtle sound design tweaks to radical audio transformations.

User Interface
The user interface of ShaperBox 3 is sleek and modern, with a modular design that allows you to easily combine and reorder the different plugins. Each plugin has its own set of controls and visual feedback, making it easy to see and hear the changes you’re making to your audio. The interface also includes a handy A/B comparison feature, which allows you to compare your current settings to a previous state of your audio with just one click.

Features and Functionality
One of the standout features of ShaperBox 3 is its versatility. Each plugin offers a range of creative possibilities, from subtle filtering and panning effects to extreme glitch and distortion. The plugins can also be combined and reordered in any way you like, allowing you to create complex and intricate effects chains.

The plugins also offer a range of modulation options, including LFOs, envelopes, and MIDI triggering. This allows you to create dynamic and evolving effects that respond to the rhythm and melody of your music.

In addition to its creative features, ShaperBox 3 also includes a range of practical functions for music production. The plugins offer high-quality sound processing, with low CPU usage and no latency. They also include a range of preset settings and templates, which can be a great starting point for experimenting with different effects.

Cableguys’ ShaperBox 3 is a powerful and versatile effects processor that can enhance your music production workflow in a variety of ways. Its modular design and range of creative and practical features make it a valuable tool for producers of all genres. Whether you’re looking to add subtle movement and depth to your tracks or completely transform your audio, ShaperBox 3 has something to offer.

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