Cherry Audio – GX-80 v1.0.9.123

Strange new worlds
The GX-80 is a transformative virtual synthesizer that combines the unrivaled sound and power of the legendary “dream machine” GX-1 and its acclaimed successor, the CS-80, to create a powerful hybrid. With carefully crafted and modeled DSP circuitry by award-winning designer Mark Barton, Cherry Audio has recreated all the subtleties of the classics, creating the most authentic emulation of its kind.

Description Continued
More than a replicator :
The GX-80 is not just another CS-80 emulation. The GX-80 cleverly integrates the GX-1’s distinctive feature set into the CS-80’s architecture; the most significant is the massive dual-layer architecture, which effectively made the GX-1 the equivalent of two CS-80s, and then some others. Built into the GX-1 are unique high-frequency resonant pulses and band sawtooth waves, an octave-boosted triangular wave, and filter envelope inversion, opening up a whole new universe of sonic experimentation. Most notably, the GX-80 includes expert reproduction of the legendary GX-1 filter, delivering exquisite tones that even the mighty CS-80 cannot reproduce.
The GX-80 boasts an impressive dual-layer audio architecture with 16 polyphonic voices per layer. The instrument is capable of simultaneously playing two different CS-80 style sounds while panning each rank independently for exquisitely rich stereo tones and complex layered sounds. For maximum performance flexibility and expressiveness, the GX-80 features a split keyboard mode and the clever ability to simulate a polyphonic aftertouch with a monophonic aftertouch controller. What’s more, the GX-80 comes with over 1,000 presets and studio-grade effects, meaning you can get amazing sounds with just a few clicks.
The GX-80 is more than an interpretation of the past and much more than a replicator. Cherry Audio’s GX-80 is an unparalleled path to the sounds and music of an unrealized future.

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