Dark Intervals – UDU (KONTAKT)

Discover the mesmerizing sounds of the UDU, a traditional percussion instrument originating from the Igbo region of Nigeria. This hand-played instrument offers a rich array of articulations, and in this collection, we’ve meticulously captured the most essential and frequently used ones.

An Authentic Igbo Percussion Instrument

The UDU has its roots in the vibrant Igbo culture of Nigeria and is played entirely by hand. Its versatility lies in the diverse articulations it can produce, making it a key component of traditional African music. In this sample library, we’ve focused on capturing the core and widely employed articulations of the UDU.

Medium-Sized, Classical Shape

The UDU we’ve chosen for this collection is a medium-sized variant with a classic, timeless shape. It distinguishes itself from other UDU variations, such as the tambuata, by its traditional design and size.

Enhanced Sound Quality and Versatility

Our commitment to delivering top-notch quality ensures that this UDU sample library boasts an unzipped size of 35MB, 48000 kHz, 24-bit audio, and a single NKI file. With five dynamic layers and three round robins, you’ll experience the full range of this remarkable instrument’s expressiveness.

Unlock the Rhythmic Possibilities of the UDU

Elevate your music productions and compositions with the evocative sounds of the UDU percussion instrument. Its distinctive tones and cultural significance add depth and authenticity to your music, making it an invaluable addition to your sound library.

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