Expert Sleepers – Ultimate Bundle 08.2018

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A set of 9 plugins:

Augustus Loop 2.4.1 is an emulation based on the tape delay effect, with some additional features to make it easier to use as a looping device.

Crossfade Loop Synth3.3.2 – actually contains two plugins: Crossfade Loop Synth and Crossfade Loop Synth Effect. The effect version based on the Crossfade Loop Synth turns into a live sampler, looper and a very unusual and powerful delay effect. The third version adds even more options for shaping your sound, while maintaining the simplicity and low processor load that made the second version so popular.

Little Spacey 1.2.0 is a delay effect that simulates classic counterparts. Lots of adjustable parameters. Little Spacey lets you modulate the delay for chorus and vibrato. Works well in stereo. The ability to create effect variations between channels to create particularly rich and coherent sounds.

Meringue2.2.0 – delay effect. Unlike most delays, the delay is performed alternately forward and backward rather than continuously forward. This simple distinction has some interesting and unusual influences, for example. Delay repeats the game alternately back and forth.

The time between a note and its echo varies depending on the location of the note in the delay buffer (as opposed to normal delay, where the time between a note and its echo is constant).

Minky starshine1.2.0 – Minky Starshine is a subtractive / additive hybrid synthesizer. The signal is created by summing 16 independent, controllable ‘tones’. By setting the overtone levels as you like, you can create familiar signals such as saw and square waves, and you can also create an endless range of timbres.

Oomingmak 1.2.0 – Resynthesis effect for tone and envelope tracking. Or, to put it another way, if you feed a normal sound source (such as a guitar) into the Oomingmak, the output will be as if you were playing an analog synthesizer.

Silent Way2.8.5 is a set of 18 plug-ins designed for use with analog synthesizers, or rather as part of a modular analog synthesizer system. Plugins do not produce sound or process it, rather they generate signals that can be used as CVs and then routed to the inputs of oscillators, filters, VCA, etc. analog system.

Spectral Conquest 1.1.0 is an effect plug-in that allows you to directly control the frequency spectrum of audio signals. The incoming signal is analyzed through FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), resulting in a familiar spectrum plot where the entire audio spectrum is split into many narrow frequency bands. Outgoing audio is then regenerated by Reverse FFT.

Usamo 1.1.0

Warbler1.3.0 is a vibrato effect plugin. Additional controls allow you to apply effects such as chorus / flanger / echo, as well as create unusual hybrid sounds that are difficult to describe in words. The vibrato depth range ranges from light modulations to extreme pitch effects. The vibrato bass generator can be set to values ​​from 0 hertz to 5 kilohertz and then controlled with three knobs. The choice of the form of the low frequency vibrato generator is very wide. The bass generator speed and vibrato depth can be modulated with two additional bass generators

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