Field and Foley – Essential SFX Vol. 3 (WAV)

Basic Sound Effects Vol. 3 by Charles van Kirk follows Essential SFX Volumes 1 and 2, creating foley and ambiance effects from a variety of mediums and sources. Experience air travel every step of the way; from waiting at the gate, fastening your seat belts before takeoff, enjoying an in-flight drink, and landing at your destination. Walk along the beach, feel the seashells crackle under your feet. Sit back on the porch of your country house, listening to the peaceful sounds of the environment around you… or maybe it’s a work day; time to pack the trash, vacuum the house, do the laundry….
Placing the listener exactly where you need it, whether it’s a movie or a musical production, this package provides a unique soundscape to create an immersive audio experience.

188 sounds

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