Findasound – Clara’s Vocal v2.1 PROPER (KONTAKT)

Clara’s vocal library was created taking into account the needs of the modern composer and sound engineer, this is the first version of the library from the Clara series with a real authentic legato.
Version 2.0 has two legato modes “Ah” and “Oh”, switchable with a rocker switch, making it easy to change articulation, including legato sound, in real time. Rocker switches include “Ah” and “Oh” staccato switches. Release samples can be turned on / off with the ability to control their time and volume.
The Speed ​​knob controls the sample offset – the start of the legato transition samples, allowing the user to control the legato speed. The vibrato is controlled by a modulation wheel with the ability to control its speed using a knob. The legato function can be turned on / off, for example, when playing chords.
Clara’s unique double performance feature is provided with a button called a double, where the user can get a double Clara performance with different samples, RR and mic positions. The attack time can be controlled for all samples in the legato patch as well as in the phrase patch.
The new phrase engine allows the user to easily select any phrases through a convenient drop-down menu, the phrase patch has a new legato mode that allows the user to easily combine different phrases to enhance creativity and create new phrases if legato is on.
Each phrase has its own BPM offering the best quality, but the library takes advantage of the powerful Kontakt engine to automatically adapt to the BPM of the user’s session, so they can be used in any project with any BPM in two synchronization modes; 1- TM “time machine”, where the tempo can be controlled manually, and 2- HOST, where the tempo is synchronized with the user’s host, if sync mode is enabled, the user will be able to adjust the pitch of phrases in + – 12 semitones. Release samples with volume and release time controls are also available for phrase patches.

Over 2.5 Gig 24Bit 48Khz compressed kontakt ncw format samples
New GUI with easy control & fully automated midi learn controllers
OH & AH True Legato Patches
OH & AH staccato
FX Rack
Attack and release sample time – volume control
Main volume – pan controls
Natural vibrato (mod wheel) + vibrato rate control
Double track performance
Phrases & song with 2 sync modes & Legato mode
Aah, Ooh, Mmm vocal sound sustain patches
Two offset samples start control on phrases
Virtual Legato & Portato patches
Legato speed control
4 Cycling sustain round robins samples
Release note
Previous release by other group
contains broken NICNT file which
collides with “Chris Hein Horn Solo”.
This release also solves the file path
issue in some patches – Team R2R

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