Genuine Soundware – Drum-80 v1.0.0

The GSi Drum-80 reproduces just such a scenario. It contains two separate sound engines that can play at the same time.

One of them recreates the sounds of the famous Simmons SDS-V electronic drum module (much like the later SDS-8); while the exclusive GSi WLF Engine plays multisamples of real cymbals recorded exclusively for the Drum-80.

Today we all know and use electronic drums, but in the early 80s of the last century, the first electronic drums were a real novelty that revolutionized not only the sound of the music of those years, but also the process of working in a recording studio. Many producers preferred to record the sound of electronic drums rather than acoustic drums, as it saved time and money, eliminated the need to set up microphones, find the right positions, spend hours on equalization and correction of recorded material. With an electronic drum kit, everything was faster: just plug in the cables and maybe find the right sound for the song, which was ideal, especially for many low-cost, such as pop music productions.

The first electronic drums were completely analog, generating drum sounds with just a few elements, such as an oscillator and white noise generator, as well as a pair of envelopes and a filter. The sound was not entirely realistic, but distinctive and ideally suited to create certain, never seen before sounds.
The downside was that electronic drums could only generate drum sounds, not cymbals. Therefore, the sound of real cymbals was recorded along with the sound of electronic drums. A similar setup has often been used live. The drummer was often seen on stage playing the typical hexagonal pads, but paired with a set of real cymbals.
Main characteristics
A virtual analog engine based on the famous SDS-V drum module.
Sampled cymbal sounds (Hi-Hat, Ride, 4 Crashes, 3 Splashes) powered by the exclusive GSi WLF Engine.
Full polyphony.
Separate section with settings for cymbal sounds (tuning, equalization and equalizer).
1176 style stereo limiter.
Stereo delay effect.
Stereo reverb effect.
Built-in programmer with an unlimited number of programs.
Built-in user guide.
Available as a standalone app and audio plugin.
Very low CPU and RAM usage.

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