Glitchmachines – Palindrome v1.4.0

Free Download Palindrome by Glitchmachines, Version v1.4.0, as an Offline Installer.

Overview of Palindrome:

Palindrome is a sophisticated morph graph sampler designed for experimental sound design. The plugin’s main grid allows you to create custom paths that define the path of the playhead over time. 

This playback head moves along a user-defined path that matches the outputs of the samplers, which are smoothly transformed using a bilinear interpolation algorithm. 

Palindrome also features 8 user-defined modulation envelopes with multiple breakpoints that make it easy to create complex modulation shapes.

Features of Palindrome:

Palindrome combines four granular gridded samplers with complex modulation sources to enable the creation of morphing sound effects and unusual instrumental patches. 

It features a main grid for creating custom playhead paths, user-defined modulation envelopes, and various sculpting options for each of the four granular samplers. Additionally, there are two effects processors per sampler, including filters, distortion, ring modulation, and delay.

Installation Process:

After installing and running the plugin, point to the PALINDROME_SAMPLES folder.

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