Groove3 – Arturia V Collection: Tips & Tricks

Synth expert Thomas Cochran presents a series of video tutorials on the Arturia V Collection! If you want to know how to get the most out of your Arturia V Collection of classic keyboards and synths, this is the course to watch. Thomas takes you through a series of tutorials dedicated to creating new and inspired sounds in various categories, such as pads, bass, leads, drums, and more. These videos are designed for those that are familiar with the Arturia V Collection.
Thomas welcomes you and starts off by demonstrating how to create a heavy bass sound with the DX7 synthesizer. This is followed with a hybrid vocoder bass created with a one-shot stab and the Arturia Vocoder.
Next, explore several keys patches with some of Arturia’s incredible replicas of many analog synth titans. You’ll learn to resample a Juno patch with the CMI sampler for added texture, create a time-stretched synth pad by using the Emulator II sampler to tweak an SEM synth sample, and develop a layered pad using multiple synths from the V collection for unique textures that aren’t possible otherwise.
Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll learn many other tips, such as resampling a Prophet patch with the CMI sampler to create an evolving vibrato effect, creating a textured lead sound with the time synth mode on the CMI, processing drum sounds with the Emulator II sampler for a colorful, saturated texture, and more!
To see exactly what’s contained in these in-depth tutorials, and how they’ll help you start thinking outside the box with sound design when using your Arturia V Collection, see the individual Arturia V Collection: Tips & Tricks video tutorial descriptions on this page . A world of sonic exploration awaits… Watch “Arturia V Collection: Tips & Tricks” now!

Chapter 1: Bass
1. Heavy DX-7 Bass (14:29)
2. Sampled Vocoder Bass (9:21)
Chapter 2: Keys & Pads
3. Resampled Juno Pad (12:26)
4. Time Stretched Pad Pt. 1 (10:13)
5. Time Stretched Pad Pt. 2 (8:10)
6. Modern Layered Pad Pt. 1 (8:36)
7. Modern Layered Pad Pt. 2 (8:12)
8. Resampled Keys (13:21)
9. CMI Lead Synth (10:55)
Chapter 3: Drums
10. extured Drums with Emulator II (13:55)
11. Processing Loops & One Shots (12:07)

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