[Groove3 / Eli Krantzberg] UVI Percussion Factory Explained

Join studio expert Eli Krantzberg for an informative UVI Percussion Factory video course! Percussion Factory is a powerful sound engine/library that’s as fun to use as it is versatile. Eli will demonstrate how to easily choose/edit/sequence instruments, add/tweak effects, use your own sounds, generate rhythmic ideas, and much more! Add incredibly diverse percussion ensembles to your tracks with ease and have a blast doing it! These videos are for new UVI Percussion Factory users.

Eli begins with a brief demonstration of Percussion Factory in real time to provide a good, quick overview of what this plug-in can do. Then learn three different ways of playing the instrument, all of which can be used on their own or in conjunction with each other. This is followed by a look at the Main page, on which you can mute/solo each instrument, modify sequence, control randomization, lock sounds, and more.

Next up, discover the parts control section of the Edit page, where you can adjust parameters for pattern length/speed and generate random instruments and sequence patterns. Then check out the part sound edit parameters, which allow you detailed control of each loaded instrument via amp envelopes, filters, and others.

There are many more topics covered as well, including the sequence editor, feel/groove (swing parameters, auto align, etc.), effects, MIDI export and output (routing options within your DAW), using your own sounds (drag-and-drop importing), odd time signatures, automation, and more!

Percussion Factory makes it easy to add professional-sounding rhythm tracks to your productions quickly, but there’s also a lot going on beneath the surface that makes this instrument truly unique. With this Percussion Factory tutorial course, you’ll be up to speed on all the features and functions in no time, ready to start incorporating it on your very next session.

See the individual Percussion Factory video descriptions for more information and ideas on to how to make use of this truly enjoyable drum instrument. It’s never been easier to create stellar percussion parts for your tracks quickly and easily… watch “UVI Percussion Factory Explained®” now!

What You Will Learn:
– Various ways to play the instrument
– Editing/tweaking of parts, instruments, sequences, grooves
– Adding and adjusting various effects – both per instrument and globally
– Importing your own sounds and exporting MIDI patterns
– and much more!

01. Discovery (5:47)
02. Playing Percussion Factory (5:04)
03. Working on the Main Page (10:29)
04. Part Controls (6:06)
05. Part Sound Edit (5:57)
06. Sequence Editor (6:52)
07. Feel & Groove (9:31)
08. Part FX (4:35)
09. Send & Global FX (7:56)
10. MIDI Export & Output Mode (9:25)
11. Using Your Own Sounds (5:26)
12. Odd Time Signatures (5:49)
13. Automation (3:54)

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