IK Multimedia – Lurssen Mastering Console 1.1.1

This groundbreaking mastering tool, available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac/PC, brings the wealth of professional mastering experiences directly to your fingertips. Developed through the collaboration of mastering engineers Gavin Lurssen and Ruben Cohen from the multiple Grammy-winning Lurssen Mastering, Inc. in Los Angeles, this console grants you complete control in your studio, featuring the hidden tools, settings, and techniques that have made Lurssen’s sound highly sought-after by top-tier artists and producers.

Mastering Philosophy:

At its core, the Lurssen Mastering Console faithfully adheres to Lurssen’s philosophy of mastering: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” It encapsulates one of the finest mastering chains meticulously crafted and fine-tuned by Gavin and his team. These settings are derived from their actual studio practices, covering genres such as hip-hop, rock, pop, and more. Now, thanks to the Lurssen Mastering Console, you can achieve a professional-quality master whether you’re in your studio or on the move.

A Unique Approach to Digital Audio Mastering:

The Lurssen Mastering Console represents a fresh approach to digital audio mastering. It offers a complete emulation of the entire processing chain employed by renowned mastering engineers Gavin Lurssen, Ruben Cohen, and their team. This chain encompasses tube equalizers, solid-state equalizers, limiters, de-essers, and solid-state compressors. The modeling extends to the intricate interactions between each processor in the chain, even down to the actual hardware connections. This approach provides access to decades of accumulated knowledge, including workflow secrets, special techniques, signal paths, and technical know-how.

Achieve Consistency Across Sound Systems:

Mastering requires audio that sounds exceptional on a wide range of speakers and systems, from car radios to high-end home audio setups, from iPods to club-grade equipment. With the iPhone/iPad version of the Lurssen Mastering Console, you can attain consistently outstanding results. This portable solution lets you take your projects everywhere and hear how they truly sound in real-world scenarios.

Streamlined Mastering with Style:

The Lurssen Mastering Console makes achieving remarkable results a breeze. It offers 30 unique mastering templates, known as “Styles,” tailored for various music genres, including hip-hop, hard rock, heavy metal, country, and more. These templates eliminate the complexity of the mastering process, as Gavin and his team have fine-tuned everything for you, from signal paths to processor settings. Simply upload your track, select a template, and you’re ready to start mastering. In essence, the Lurssen Mastering Console empowers you to achieve professional-quality results, even if a visit to Lurssen Mastering Los Angeles isn’t in your budget.


  • Created in collaboration with mastering engineers Gavin Lurssen, Ruben Cohen, and the Grammy-winning Lurssen Mastering, Inc. team.
  • Accurately reproduces the unique philosophy, studio workflow, and signal chain of Lurssen Mastering.
  • Separate versions available for iPhone/iPad and Mac/PC.
  • Mac/PC version functions as a standalone application or a plug-in for your workstation.
  • 30 ready-made “styles” crafted by Gavin Lurssen and the team for mastering various music genres.
  • Features three user-friendly displays: Studio (with controls), Wave (with waveform), and Chain (for individual processors).
  • Input Drive knob and 5-band fixed-frequency EQ.
  • PUSH knob for precise equalizer adjustments.
  • Fully automated audio content adjustments.
  • Input Drive knob for stereo balance settings (assignable).
  • VU Input/Process metering and Stereo/Mono monitoring capability.
  • Supports 88.2/96 kHz DSP Processing.
  • Import audio from your iPhone/iPad music library.
  • Interface resizing (Mac/PC version).
  • Additional fully functional modes available via in-app purchases: Play/Process and HD Engine (for iPhone/iPad version).
  • Project file compatibility between Mac/PC and iPhone/iPad.

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