Initial Audio – Master Suite v1.0.0 VST/VST3/AU x86 x64 (WIN/OSX)-R2R

With the Master Suite, mastering becomes as easy as 1-2-3. Simply adjust the volume and complete your track with the 3-band equalizer and stereo image controls. Sending songs and instruments to customers, record companies, online retailers and streaming services require them to be at industry standard volume to have a modern sound. The LUFS display shows the industry standard volume by turning green and warns you when you start to get too loud. An intelligent algorithm applies the correct amount of clipping and compression, which can be controlled through easing and blending. The HD interface looks clean, feels great, and can be easily resized to fit your screen resolution.
Mastering the capabilities of the
THD plugin: full harmonic distortion, this can “correct” the master and help increase the perceived loudness.
Volume: Increase or decrease the volume of your master in decibels. Uses an intelligent compression and limiting algorithm to ensure maximum volume with minimum distortion.
LUFS Meter: The LUFS (Loudness Relative to Full Scale) meter is a standard representation of perceived loudness. The meter turns green when it is in the sweet zone of a loud master without over-compressing your mix dynamics.
Soften: This softens the compression curve, also known as “soft knee”.
mix:mix the compressed audio with the original. If you’re pushing the volume hard and the master sounds too compressed with a loss of dynamics, this control can help restore some dynamics while keeping the sound loud.
Analog: Changes the frequency response of the main set for a more analog sound.
3-band EQ: Cut or boost low, mid and high frequencies by up to 6 dB.
Stereo image:the Mono control works by making the sound completely mono below the set frequency. This can help pull up the bottom end and make sure it only comes from the center of the stereo field. The Stereo control enhances the stereo field for frequencies above the mid-range only, leaving low frequencies unaffected. This can be used to add extra “space” to the master by pushing the instruments even wider in the stereo field.
Ceiling: Sets the maximum volume for peaks. Your host won’t get any louder than this.

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