inMusic Brands – BFD Metal Snares (BFD3)

Take your drumming to the next level with BFD Metal Snares, the ultimate collection of premium metal-shell snare drums designed exclusively for the BFD 3.4 Drum Module. This exceptional compilation brings together a diverse selection of top-tier snares from esteemed manufacturers including Sonor, Gretsch, Zildjian, Ludwig, and Pearl. Crafted from an array of materials such as brass, bronze, steel, and aluminum, these snares promise a rich spectrum of sounds, making them the perfect choice for genres spanning Metal, Rock, Pop, and beyond.

Additional Information:

  • A meticulously curated collection of premium metal-shell snares exclusively for BFD3
  • Featuring snares from renowned brands like Sonor, Gretsch, Zildjian, Ludwig & Pearl
  • Variety of shell materials, including brass, bronze, steel, and aluminum, for an expansive tonal palette
  • Played with sticks, ensuring authentic and versatile performance
  • Each snare meticulously recorded in six versions, encompassing natural and two processed variations, with wires on and off
  • Tailor-made for Metal, Rock, Pop, and a wide range of other musical genres

Unleash the Power of Metal Shells:

BFD Metal Snares delivers an unparalleled sonic experience by harnessing the unique qualities of metal-shell snare drums. These snare drums are celebrated for their distinctive brighter and louder sound, enriched with captivating overtones. To ensure you have a comprehensive arsenal at your disposal, we’ve thoughtfully selected five snares that boast diverse attributes, including varying shell materials, thickness, depth, and diameter. These snares were then meticulously captured in wired and wire-free configurations, and they are offered in both natural and processed versions. This versatility ensures that BFD Metal Snares is a mix-ready, inspirational collection perfectly suited for your upcoming music projects.

Immersive Recording Quality:

Our commitment to delivering exceptional sound quality is evident in the recording process. Each snare drum was meticulously captured with two top microphones, one bottom microphone, and one side microphone. In addition to these close-mic recordings, we’ve included mono room, ribbon room, and far room ambience channels, enhancing the depth and authenticity of your drumming experience. For an even more expansive soundstage, we’ve integrated two stereo reverb channels. Whether you prefer to manipulate the natural recordings to align with your unique preferences or opt for the pre-processed, mix-ready versions, these metal-shell snare drums are brimming with character, ensuring they cut through any mix effortlessly.

Seamless Integration with BFD:

Integrating these premium metal-shell snares into your setup is a breeze. You can effortlessly combine them with your existing BFD libraries to craft your ultimate drum kit. BFD Metal Snares empowers you to customize your sound, experiment with room ambience, and create a unique drumming experience that stands out in the world of music production.


BFD Metal Snares, presented by inMusic Brands, offers an uncomplicated installation process. The library installer remains unaltered, except for the modification of a single serial number in one of the files, simplifying future library activation. To install the library, follow these steps:

  1. Run the provided installer for the library.
  2. Launch BFD3 and navigate to the Tools – Set up content locations tab.
  3. Click the Search Folder button and specify the folder location where the BFD Metal Snares library is installed.

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