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KushAudio CompleteBundle - audiostorrent.com

Companies that boast ultra-accurate digital reproduction of vintage equipment do so in part by reproducing the way equipment can give a mix its own harmonic signature. It’s not enough to simply replicate the way that, say, the 1176’s compressor reduces gain – the way it distorts sounds is also a feature. The Kush software does this brilliantly – taking those quirky sonic characteristics and putting them to the fore.

Blyss 1.1.0 VST3
UBK-1 1.2.4 VST
Hammer DSP 1.1.1 VST3
AR-1 1.0.7 VST3
Clarifonic DSP MKII 1.3.0 VST
Electra DSP 1.6.0 VST3
Goldplate 1.0.2 VST3
Novatron 1.1.0 VST3
Omega 458A 1.0.7 VST
Omega A 1.0.6 VST
Omega N 1.0.6 VST
Omega TWK 1.0.1 VST
REDDI 1.0.3 VST3
Pusher 1.1.2 VST

If you had plug-ins from KUSH before – before installing, CHECK if the Kush Audio folder in the user’s documents has been REMOVED apart from them, not all installers delete it when deleting


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